Thursday, May 30, 2013

runDisney Princess Half Marathon 2014 updates!

runDisney has finally updated their website with details about the Princess Half Marathon 2014!  Those of us runDisney freaks have been stalking the website for months waiting for this information.  The day has finally come!

First off--we got pricing!

Although the half is $20 more and the 5k is $10 more, these prices are pretty in line with what I was expecting, considering the costs of the other recent runDisney events.  The Glass Slipper is actually $10 less then we paid for the Dumbo Double Dare.  I am hoping these higher prices will mean that they will open up less spots, making the course less crowded.  We will have to see about that one.  A will back, runDisney announced that they will offer a special "coast to coast" package that included the Glass Slipper Challenge and the Tinkerbell half marathon.  That price is not listed on the website yet.  There was also a $20 increase to the cost of the Race Retreat. One thing I will miss that runDisney has eliminated for 2014 is the 5k stroller division.  This makes me sad because I have done the event with my daughter in the stroller twice.  I loved sharing that time with her.  

Another update is days of each race and start times.  The half and the 10k will both start at 5:30 am!  I was hoping the 10k would start a little later, but no luck on that one.  One thing I found very interested was that the 5k will be Friday, like Marathon weekend, but unlike Dumbo weekend.  In Disneyland, the 5k and the 10k will be just half an hour apart, but the WDW the 5k and the 10k will be a day apart.  This makes it much easier for runners to participate in all three events.  This also means the expo will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, instead of just Friday/Saturday like past years.  

2014 Coast to Coast medal!

The new proof of time requirements for Marathon weekend will extend to Princess weekend and every other runDisney event.  All proof of time must be submitted by December 1st, and no proof of time/corral changes will be allowed at the expo. Read more about this here.  I like that they added a race completion table on the runDisney website.    

What we do not know yet:  We do not yet have a course map or medals!  These will be things I will continue to watch for this summer!  

Official registration opens at noon on June 11th.  Who is registering?  What event(s) are you registering for?

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Disney Experience Magic Bands

This is how the bands will be shipped out to guests!
While in Walt Disney World last week, I got a special sneak peek of the brand new, not yet released, My Disney Experience Magic Bands!  This is a brand new, state of the art technology that Disney is pioneering.  This band has a RFID chip in it.  It's your park ticket, your room key, your fast pass, your meal plan ticket, your credit card, your photo pass, and child ID system--that right its, well, magic!

Getting to check the bands out before they are released was so cool!  I got to ask the Cast Members lots of questions.  My first questions was "when are they coming out?"  I did not get a straight forward date, but I did get a "in about two months."  The CM explained Disney wants to hold off on release until they are certain all the kinks are worked out.  With the bands doing so much, there is alot that can go wrong.  I, for one, am happy to see them wait rather an hype up something that does not work very well.  Each family member will get to choose their own color band.  The first one will be free, but there will be a fee if the first one it is lost and need to be replaced.  Disney also has plans to introduce themed bands based on characters, movies, themes ect.  for purchase.

When I was wearing the band, it felt comfortable--just like wearing a watch.  Disney devised a genius way to
ensure that one band can will fit everyone.  See the outer dark gray part?  That part can be separated from the main band, making just the brightly colored part perfect for a child.  The bands are water proof, so they can be worn at the pool and water parks too.  The bands are meant to enhance your Disney experience.  Does your child love Mickey?  How magical would it be for your child to walk up to Mickey and be greeted by name?  This would make them feel so special.  How much do you hate carrying a park ticket, your room key, your fast passes, your photo pass, your credit cards ect all though the parks?  This band makes it so much easier to go hands free.  If you band can carry that much info, security must be a big concern, right?  Disney has thought of that one too.  First of all, no guest will be forced into the MagicBands system.  If you prefer, you can get an old fashion ticket, room key ect.  Each band is protected by a four digit PIN, just like a debit card, so someone else using it will not be a concern.  What your child's privacy?  Again, you can add or omit as much or as little info about your child as you would like. I like the band features for child safety.  If your child get separated from your group, their band can be scanned by a CM and your emergency phone number can be called, rejoining them with the group quickly.

What do you think about the MagicBands?  What is your favorite feature?

A dream is a wish...


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Running Hiatus

I just finished up week one of my running hiatus!  At the suggestion of my Team in Training running coach, I am taking a six week running hiatus.  I have been running for over two year, at least three times a week.  Lately, I have been getting lots of running related aches and pains--sore knees, sore feet, sore hips...I feel like an old lady!  I was telling my coach about this at the last long run before the Nike Women's Half, and I
told her I was thinking about taking a break from running.  She told me she thought it was a great idea.  We agreed on six weeks.

My running hiatus is not a complete exercise hiatus!  Instead of hitting the treadmill and running around the track four to five times a week, I tried out some stuff I have not done in a long time.  I did a few workouts on the elliptical.  My speed on the elliptical was much faster than the treadmill--is that normal?  I also went back to spin class and yoga.

My TNT team before the Nike half! 
Is my running hiatus working?  I am really not sure.  Mentally, it has been wonderful!  I forgot how much I enjoy a good, exhausting spin class with friends.  I forgot how much I like to do elliptical.  I am still not a huge fan of yoga, but the variety has been really nice.  I am still feeling sore though.  I guess after one week,
the hiatus has done wonders for me mentally, but I think its to soon to call it physically.  I tell you, it feels great to have the freedom to wake up and do what ever work out I want to!  But I do feel a bit jealous when I see a girl running down the road...

Have you ever taken a planned running hiatus?  How did it work out for you?

A dream is a wish...