Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Be Our Guest

With the opening of the all new Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom, "Be Our Guest" is the hardest reservation to get right now in Walt Disney World.  If you do not make a reservation 180 day out at 6 am, you will not get in.  The restaurant is Beauty and the Beast themed.  The Beast is there for pictures after your meal. I loved the character meal hybrid.  It was not crazy busy like a character meal, but you still get to see a hard to catch character with almost no line.  I hope they do something like this again with another restaurant   

My family got to Be Our Guest and checked in.  We were asked to wait on the bridge for our name to be called.  It was amazing beautiful.  The sun was just setting in the distance behind the Beast's castle.  It was a perfect way to wait for our turn.  We asked to be seating in the "west wing" section.  We had to wait a bit for it, but the wait so so worth it.  The west wing was perfect--so life like and true to the movie. In the West Wing dining room is the rose!  It looked just as it would when Belle snuck in to see what the Beast was hiding.  Pure Disney magic!

When my family was seated I could not help but notice all the attention to detail that Disney is famous for. At each setting was a rose made from a napkin.  My kids and I raved about how cute it was.  The waitress stopped what she was doing and gave a lesson on how to make the roses.  This gave the kids something to do while we waited for our food.  After we ordered, my husband and I wondered around the dining room to take it all the magic.  We were so impressed. Every few minutes, it would thunder and the lights would dim.  The room was quiet and had an eerie feeling to it.  

Our meals came in no time.  I got the pork chop, my husband got the steak and french onion soup.  The food was very good.  The service was good too.  I doubt this restaurant is ever know for its food or service.  No matter how good they may be, its ability to take you right inside a Disney movie is what Be Our Guest will be famous for.  My family loved our experience at Be Our Guest.   Don't forget to ask for the Grey Stuff--its delicious!

A dream is a wish...


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  1. I just wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying reading your Disney updates! I can't wait to go back and your blog is helping quench my craving!