Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nike Women's Marathon Expo San Francisco 2013

This past weekend, I had the privileged of participating in the Nike Women's Half Marathon with my Team in Training team (Go Team Central Pennsylvania!).  Since I did this race last year, I knew the "Expotique" as they call it would be different from any other race expo out there--but in a very cool way! 

When we landed in San Francisco, first thing we did was check  in to our hotel.  Just a short walk from the hotel was the expo!  When I first arrived at the expo, I went right up to the packet pickup table and got my packet. The first thing I noticed there was no shirt in my packet. This was because at the NWM, only finishers get a shirt.  I love this idea! In this years goody bag was some snack samples, a Neutorgena lip gloss, a Paul Mitchell dry shampoo, a Luna Bar and some flyers--packaged in clear plastic bag with the NWM logo on it. Nike+ members got a few extras--we got some shoe laces and a set of Tiffany blue stick on nail polish strips with the race logo printed on it. 

After I got my packet, I went into the Expotique.  It did not look like a normal race expo.  The Expotique was in a huge, white tent set up in Union Square of San Francisco. Runners entered the Expotique on a Tiffany blue carpet.  As we walked in, our names flashed across a board, with an inspirational message special for each runner.  The music was high, as was the energy level. There was nothing for sale at this expo.  Most of what was going on was free! To get NWM themed merchandise, you had to go to Niketown across the street.  This expo was like a party for runners. 

Since this was a women focused event, they had lots of girly pampering and fun available.  Saturday morning, I had an open two hour window in my schedule.  I met my friend Jennie for breakfast, but then my team was meeting two hours later to go over a few last minute race day details.  I decided to spend that time at the expo having some fun. My plan was to be at the expo right at 8 am when it opened to avoid the crowds.  My plan worked--we had no wait for the things we wanted to do.  First, Jennie and I want to the Neutorgena lounge.   They were doing free make overs!   My consultant was so helpful and I love the job she did on my face.  After the makeover, we had our picture taken and got lots of little goodies to take home.  I got a little black draw string bag of lip gloss, moisturizer, and sunblock, plus a full size mascara and pore refining face wash.  How cool is that!

After getting my makeup done, I stopped by the Paul Mitchell booth.  They had cosmetology students doing hair styling. I got two really pretty french braids done in my hair. My hope was that it would stay in for the race.  After that Jennie and I got some silly photo booth pictures done, complete with fake mustaches, at the Team in Training booth.  Thanks so much to the organizers of NWM and the respective brands for doing this for participants. 

This was by far the best, most fun race expo I had ever been to.  It was all about having fun and letting go.  It was about relaxing and celebrating. This is just part of what makes the Nike Women's Marathon series my favorite events of the year.  

A dream is a wish...



  1. That sounds like such a fun expo! I love your french braids. =)

  2. It sounds like a lovely time and I can't wait for the DC one in the Spring!

  3. I would love, love, love to run this one!

  4. Nike puts on a great race! I hope you all get to do one some day!