Sunday, November 3, 2013

Some Running Inspiration That Keeps Me Going...

Before every Team in Training event, the TNT staff through an inspiration dinner for participants.  It is their way of saying thank you for all the hard work we have done fundraising, but its also an a send off for us--a reminder WHY we did all that hard work.  The inspiration dinner for the Nike Women's Marathon a few weeks ago was no different--except they had a few extra specials surprise in store for us. 

The dinner started out just like every other TNT inspiration dinner.  The staff, coaches, survivors and family members gathered to cheer us on as we entered the convention center.  There were about 3,000 TNT participants, and countless supporters.  All of the cheering honestly makes me uncomfortable.  I always feel like I am NOT the one who deserves to be cheered for.  The food was your typical pasta, salad, meatballs and veggies.  The amazing John Bingham was our motivational speaker--like at every other TNT inspiration dinner I had been too.  Besides all the typical--this dinner had some amazing surprises in store!  

Team In Training was founded by Bruce Cleland in 1988
 in honor of his three year old daughter, Georgia--a leukemia survivor .   He wanted to do something for other families--to find a cure!  He had the "crazy" idea to run a marathon while getting sponsors to donate for each mile he ran.  Bruce created a team to train for a marathon in New York City . His team raised $322,000 and helped Team In Training grow into what it is today.  TNT Participants at the Nike Women's Marathon received the honor of meeting Bruce and Georgia at our inspirations dinner!  It was so amazing to hear them speak--the people who started it all! 

We also got to hear from another amazing family--The Family of "Team Mickey".  Mickey is now a sixteen year old girl with Downs Syndrome. When she was a toddler, she was diagnosed with Leukemia.  Hearing her mom tell her story brought me to tears.  I know how it feels to spend months and months in the hospital--how scary it is to fear for your child's life. After fighting the disease for years, Mickey in now in remission!  Her mom joined TNT a few years ago.  Mickey crossed the finish line with her mom at her mom's first half marathon.  Mickey vowed then to do a half marathon with her mom as part of TNT when she was 16. That race would be the 2013 Nike Women's Half Marathon!  Hearing Mickey and her mom tell their story was so heart warming.  It reminded me of the power of a mother's love, the power of a family.  It also made me miss my kiddos a bit.  Team Mickey is what Team in Training is all about!  Finding a cure, giving back, helping families have more time together.  

The Team in Training inspiration dinners are always very powerful to me, but this one was different.  It was all about parents fighting for their kids!  They were speaking my language....  This inspiration dinner really put me in the spirit to conquer the hills of San Francisco.  

A dream is a wish...


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