Friday, April 25, 2014

My Oatmeal Review

This past week, I have the opportunity to try out "My Oatmeal".  It's a site where you customer build and then order oatmeal just for you.  There are over two million combinations!  

I chose to try out steel cut oatmeal.  I have been a big fan of steel cut oats for a while now--I like how they are the entire grain, making the oatmeal more filling and higher in fiber.  Then it was time to customize!  I decided to add some Turkish apricots, cashews, and flax seeds.  Once I choose a bag size and delivery frequency, I was done.  A few days later, my customer bag of My Oatmeal showed up at my door.

Since steel cut oats are bigger than rolled oats, they take longer to cook.  The package directions said to cook the oats for 30 minutes.  I do not have time for that in the morning!  I cooked five servings on Sunday evening, so they were ready to microwave when I got up each morning this week.

I really loved my My Oatmeal trial!  I love how the My Oatmeal is whole, fresh food--but still super easy to make.  It's very tasty too!   Let me know what you think of it if you give it a try!

A dream is a wish...


Disclaimer:  I received the product for free from My Oatmeal via Fit Approach. These are my original thoughts and opinions on My Oatmeal.

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