Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How to Make Shoe Pom Poms


Today I am sharing a super easy way to make shoe Pom poms. All you need is some yarn, a pair of scissors and your fingers. 
Start winding the yarn loosely around your fingers. The amount of yarn you use will depend on how big and puffy you want your Pom poms to be. 
After you are satisfied with the amount of yarn you have wound around your fingers, very gently take it off. Place close attention to keep the yarn in the shape you wound it. Lay the yarn down and tie a 24 inch piece of yarn around the center. I recommend you tie it as tight as possible. I tied mine twice just to make sure it is secure. 

After its nice and tight, begin to cut the loops. Once all of the loops are cut, fluff the yarn and cut any stragglers. 
Here are my finished Pom poms. I will use the left over length of the center string to tie the Pom poms to my shoes. 
My shoes are all ready for my Tinkerbell costume!

A dream is a wish...


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