Monday, June 22, 2015

Disney Travel for 2016 Now Open!

The Disney booking window for 2016 is now open! I would love for you to consider booking your next Disney vacation with me! Here are a few reasons why you should consider booking your next Disney trip with Main Street Magic, LLC:
Our services are FREE! We do not charge fees for bookings, making dining reservations, itinerary planning, ect. Who wants to get up at 6 am to make sure you get the best, most coveted dining  stay, where to eat etc! We are here for what ever you need.
reservations? We do! We can help you decide where to
If Disney releases discounts after you book, you may still be able take advantage of it! As long as your travel dates qualify and there is resort availability, we can apply the specials to your reservation. Disney will not automatically apply a discount to your reservation! That is where your agent comes in. We will be on the look out for discounts so you don't have too! We will work hard to apply the discount to your reservation and get you those savings.
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