Monday, January 17, 2011

Shin Splints!

So, I have been on my quest to transform from a pumpkin to a pretty princess for two weeks now!   To acheive this goal, I am doing Turbo Fire workouts at least five days a week, and following the weight watchers diet. 

Yesterday I did my first Marathon walking practice.  I walked on the sidewalks around my neighborhood.  I timed myself and used a pediometer.  My first time was:

9 minutes to walk .65 miles, doing the math, I would have walked 1.15 miles if I did all 16 minutes, but it was really cold outside.  

This makes me feel better about the pacing requirement.  Disney requires all participants to maintain a pace of 16 minutes per mile or better.  

The worst part of my week is these awful shin splints!  I felt fine after all the Turbo Fire workouts, but the walk around the neightborhood is what did it.  I have been doing some research on shin splits, and it seams I may need new shoes.  The shoes I wore for my walk were my year old and well worn Reebok Easytones.  I read they running shoes need to be replaced around every 400 miles, and that means mine are way overdue. I may be looking into getting new running shoes very soon.  

I am feeling really optimistic about my progress and my ablility to go from a pumpkin to a princess. 

A dream is a wish your heart makes......


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