Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spin…I mean Zumba!

Today, I went to a new gym, Strictly Fitness in York PA, for a Spin class that I signed up for at our township building. I was so excited to get out of the house and take a really challenging class. When I got to the gym, a really nice lady gave me a tour. My first impression was that the gym was nice, but it still felt very intimidating to me. There were lots of really fit people working out. I learned that tanning and child care are included in the cost of membership, which is a big plus!

So once 5:30 rolled around, I went to the spin room. There I found a class just letting out. I went back to the front desk, only to find out that the township had the time wrong. There is no 5:30 spin class! I was very disappointed. Scott, the man that teaches Spin, and the women that I had met early for my tour were great! They took such good care of me. Since the 6:30 spin class was full, they gave me a great alternative. They gave me a 20 visits punch card that will allow me to visit the gym 20 times, at any time I want. They got me into a spin class that starts in next week, and suggested I stay for a Zumba class today. Wow, was I impressed!

Since the Zumba class did not start till 6:30, I decided to spend a little time on the treadmill. This is my first timed experience on the treadmill since I have committed to the marathon. I did a walk/run combo for 20 minutes, with 4 minutes walks at 3.5mph and 2 minute runs at 5.5mph. It took me 14:45 to get in one mile. In my 20 minutes, I went 1.35 miles. I wish I would have had my new running shoes to try out. It is good to know I can easily do a mile in under 16 minutes. Now my task is to get faster and add to my distance!

My first in class Zumba experience was good. Zumba is a Latin-inspired, calorie-burning, dance party. It is a blend of red-hot international music that mixes dance and aerobics. The instructor, Maria, was very nice and keep the one hour class going. The class was a lot of fun, but I wish the intensity was higher. Being used to very high intensity Turbo Fire classes, Zumba was a breeze. It felt really good to have the others around me huffing and puffing, while I was sweating but still feeling really good. I really enjoyed the music and the choreography was fun. Would I recommend this class to other? Absolutely! Will I go back? Yes! Strictly Fitness was a great experience.

I can’t wait to try Spin next week. I will be back to let you know how it goes!

A dream is a wish your heart makes......


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  1. Great blog! I am running the Princess Half this year as my first half marathon! Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! Good luck at the half. I look forward to hearing all about it!

  3. Hi Amy! Just found you on the DIS boards. I just started running a few months ago and am training for a 10k in May. I am trying to decide between the half marathon in January or the princess marathon in February 2012. I think the Princess is less crowded so I may be doing that. I will definately follow you.....I keep reading blogs of people who just completed it. I would love to "chat" and follow someone in my shoes!!!

    Do you still have the bracelets?

  4. Amy

    I applaud your goals and dedication. Having done the past two Princess halfs, I am looking forward to my third Princess half next month. You are on the right track here and will definately be in condition to start and finish the Princess half in 2012.

    Good luck and keep up the hard work.

  5. Colleen: Thank you for the words of encouragement! Good luck in the race. I look forward to seeing pics and hearing all about it!

    Christine: Please keep me posted on your progress. I am doing a 5k May 1st, for the March for Babies. I choose the princess because it feels more supportive and women oriented for my first half, plus, I love the Princesses!

    I do still have the bracelets! E-mail me where you want me to mail it to. Would you like pink or black? I would like to chat about our progress and keep in touch!


  6. Me too! I am trying to figure out this blog subscription thing! I am a pink girl. I will email you now!