Monday, February 7, 2011

Portion Control

I read somewhere that in 1970 the size of a 7 Eleven big gulp was 12 ounces. Now, the size of a big gulp is 44 ounces! Now, my numbers might not exact, but we all know that portion control has gotten out of control here in America. At McDonalds, the size of a typical kids meal now is what the size of an adult meal was forty years ago. Most dishes at the Olive Garden contain about three servings of pasta. As we all know, I could go on and on….

Portion Control is very important, whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have a few quick and easy ways for you to keep your portions in check on the go, using simple, everyday objects to visualize the correct portion.

One cup (pasta, rice, cereal): about the size of your fist.

Half cup (veggies, juice, salads): about the size of a tennis ball

3 ounces (meats, fish): about the size of your palm, with out fingers

1 ounces (meats, cheese): about the size you’re entire thumb

Something I have been doing lately to ensure portion control is using a simple kitchen food scale. A cheap food scale can be bought off the shelf at the big box stores. When I got home and started using it…wow! I was surprised! I was doing a good job at visualizing portion size of meat and pasta, but not cereal. I really enjoy a bowl of cereal as an evening snack. The milk is good for muscle recovery after a hard workout and the whole grain in the cereal is heart healthy. When I put my typical bowl of cereal on the scales, wow! I was eating about double the amount of cereal as the portion on the box. I plan to use my food scale every day to continue in my training efforts.

What have your experiences been with portion control? What do you do to ensure proper portions?

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  1. Cereal is my evil downfall too. It's my go-to meal whenever I don't want to cook. And even though I'm just eating plain cheerios, I know there are better food choices out there besides a giant bowl of cereal. If only salad were as quick and easy as dumping cereal out of a box. I actually really like salad, but when I get home from work, I hate the thought of making it. I need to be better at it.

  2. Hello Allyson!

    I know what you mean about cereal. I usually work out in the evenings, then baths for the kids, get them to bed...By then, I am ready for a quick and easy snack. I am a Special K girl, but a few servings really adds up. I have been adding a cut up banana to bulk up one serving.

    Good luck with your training! Lets keep in touch. I would love to hear about your progress! If you would like one of the princess bands, e-mail were you would like me to send it.


  3. I'm a follower now and I'm training for the princess half too! Portion control is so hard, but a scale is a great idea! I've been working on eating smarter lately but it's definitely not easy. haha. what are these princess bands you're talking about?

  4. Hello Ros!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I can't wait till the Princess Half!! Good luck! Please let me know if you try the food scale and what you think of it. I wrote about my princess bracelet in a previous post "Anchoring". Check it out and if you want one, I would be happy to send one to you. E-mail me with your address.


  5. Great post about portion control. Honestly I think it is not just how much people yet now, but what they eat. Most of the food people eat is not even "real" food. Good luck with the Princess in a couple weeks. I will be there for my second one. It is lots of fun, make sure you bring a camera because there are lots of photo opportunities.

    Amanda :)

  6. Hello Amanda,

    I have been to your blog. I am so sorry about your injury! Good Luck with the Princess Half! I totally agree about its the "what" we eat. Sometimes at the grocery store, I see things and think there is NO way I would put that in my body! And the kid stuff is the worst!

    See you there!


  7. Your blog has inspired me! I'm going to train for the Princess 2012 half. We did the Wine and Dine Half this past fall but I didst finish because I was 7 months pregnant and couldn't keep pace :P

  8. Hello "Ribbon",

    Congrats on your new baby! Thank you for your kind words. Are you doing the Wine and Dine this year? I am thinking about doing the Halloween 5k as a practice for the Princess half. Let's keep in touch, to discuss our training progress!