Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Try, Try Again

Since my first spin class was such a success, I decided it was time to try it again! Today I went to an evening class with a different instructor, Scott. The class had a different feel, but was still great. Scott is an older man, but is in great shape.

We started the class with a quick warm up and we were off! Unlike Mary’s levels, Scott told the class to work at a percentage based on our maximum effort. For example, he would yell “eighty”, meaning he wanted the class to work hard, at eighty percent of our possible effort. I prefer Scott’s percentage system to Mary’s levels.

While I much preferred Mary’s music choices to Scott’s, I enjoyed how Scott incorporated the songs into the exercise he had us doing. For instance, when we were listening to as fast song, Scott had us doing intervals of seventy percent to one hundred percent. During the slow songs, we went at a slower pace and had time to recuperate. I also enjoyed Scott’s little arm dances and bike push ups when they fit well into the songs. Scott was a very motivational instructor and I will be taking his class again.

What I learned from my second spin class is to keep trying things, even if you think you already know the outcome. This was proven to me twice this week. The first time was when I did not enjoy my first Zumba class. I gave it a try again, and found a better fit for me. I would not have known about a better fitting instructor if I had not tried again. The second time was trying a different spin class, even though I already found a class and instructor I enjoyed. Now, I have two different classes/instructors to choose from and enjoy.

Things to try over again can include activities, gyms, and foods. Keep trying new things and trying things over again you have in the past. You may find something that works for you.

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  1. Hi Amy: I found your blog on RW. I'm training for my first half too (R & R Country Music half in Nashville). But am thinking of running the 2012 Disney Princess Half. Anyway ... happy running!!