Monday, July 9, 2012

The Color Run Philadelphia

Lish and I before

On Sunday morning, I had my earliest wake up call yet for a local run.  I live about 2 hours from Philly, so I left my house at 4 am, while it was still dark outside, to make it to the race.  It feels like everyone I know was going to be at this race.  My friend and running partner Lish was there with her family, lots of Team in Training team mates, Princess Half many fun people to meet up.  I was not going to miss this one!

Lish and I after
I could not wait to get into town and get in on the action!  As I got off the expressway in Philly, the streets were crawling with white.  The race required all runners to wear a white shirt.  White shirts were everywhere!  I parked and meet up with my teammates.  We got a few pictures on the steps on the Franklin Institute.  Then I walked toward race village.  The sea of white got more crowded.  It was so much fun to see all the white.  I know it would not last that long...

I meet up with my running partner in crime, Lish.  She was running with her mom and sister in law also.  We were so excited to get started!  We chatted a bit and then headed to the starting corral.  The Color Run organizers keep telling runners that this is the 3rd largest 5k in the county with 23k runners.  How fun to be part of that!  Due to the size, they sent off about a thousand runners ever five minutes.  Their plan worked because the course never felt very crowded.  

The course was scenic but sunny!  We ran from the art museum, up near the zoo and then back along the river.  At each kilometer along the way was a color station with a different color--pink, yellow, orange then green.  Lots of volunteers were at each station squirting color with what looked like huge mustard bottles.  The dust made the air so foggy--you could barley see in front of you!  To color was a powder that did not taste or hurt at all.  We laughed so hard throwing it at each other, we barley ran.  

After the finish line, each runner opened and tossed their own color packet in the air at the Color Festival.  Wow, color was everywhere!!!  This was a very fun race.  No one took it serious as to try to PR, just have a blast.  If there is a Color Run in your area, do it!  But register right away, they see out quickly. 

A dream is a wish...


Don't forget to register for my Firecracker 5k to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!


  1. I so want to do a Color Run! Next summer I am going to do one for sure!

  2. It so a great race! Register early, LOL!

  3. These runs look like so much fun! I love the last picture of you.

  4. looks like you had a fantastic time!! i'm registered for the NY Color Run next excited! i'll also be down in philly for the rothman institute 8k in november :)

  5. I love this. I just did one in San Fran last weekend!! I love your blog. Found you on the Disney FB.. I am signed up for my first Princess!!!

    Your newest follower1