Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another runDisney rumor!

A friend alerted me to yet another runDisney rumor!  This link was shared in a Facebook running group page.  Could it be?  Is runDisney actually going to sanction "Dopey"?

runDisney fans affectionately call this unsanctioned event Dopey because that's what you have to be to do it!  The unsanctioned Dopey Challenge is a 5k on Friday morning, the half marathon on Saturday morning and the full marathon on Sunday morning of runDisney's Marathon Weekend.   So far, runDisney has been reluctant to sanction this event--but they were reluctant to sanction Goofy too.  With this rumored to become a sanctioned event, I bet runDisney will see a jump in registrations.

According to the above link, it looks like a 10k is also being added to Marathon Weekend too.  I am guessing with the success of the Disneyland 10k, how could they not.  A 10k is a great goal for someone who can easily do a 5k, but is not yet ready for a half marathon.  My question now is will the official runDisney sanctioned Dopey Challenge include the 5k, 10k or both?  I look forward to hearing all the official details!

What do you think of these rumors?  Does this make you more likely to participate in the runDisney Marathon Weekend?

A dream is a wish...



  1. Arg!!! All these speculations are killing me--I want to know times, dates, & official details!! C'mon, runDisney!!! lol

  2. The pricing leads me to believe it will be the 10K, Half, and Full, but I'm with Angela, I want to know all the official details, like yesterday. LOL