Friday, March 22, 2013

The runDisney Rumors Are True!

It has been confirmed--runDisney IS adding a 10k to Marathon Weekend, and they are sanctioning an official Dopey race series.

Here is a screen cap with the details about the Dopey Challenge.  Wow!  Six medals, six race shirts and 48.6 miles through Disney World!  What an incredible weekend!

For years, runDisney enthusiastic have called an unsanctioned event "Dopey".  This used to be a 5k on Friday, the half on Saturday, and the full marathon on Sunday of the Disney Marathon weekend.  runDisney has uped the anti a bit here by moving the 5k to Thursday morning and adding a 10k Friday morning.  The sanctioned Dopey event will include the 5k, the 10k, the half marathon and the full marathon.

While I love a good challenge,  I have to ask myself if this is going to far.  If it safe for a person to run a race four day in a row?  Especially with the heat wave of last year, is it dangerous for a person to run this many miles in so few days?  Not to mention waking up at 3 am four days in a row!

Would I ever take this challenge?  I honestly can not say no.  Some day, after I am in much better shape than I am today-- then I said, I love a good challenge.

Would you ever consider taking on the brand new Dopey Challenge?

A dream is a wish...



  1. I am so tempted! I have never in my life run in a full marathon, so I'd have to be Dopey to sign up for this!! BUT -- could I do it if I walked a lot. I mean A LOT! That would be so cool! I'm already committed to the Dumbo Double Dare, and pretty confident about it. It's the full marathon that scares me. Could I do it even slowly on sore and tired feet? I don't know!!!
    So tempted, so tempted. So stupid (for me), so stupid! Don't know what I'll do.
    But I think YOU could do it! Go for it!

    1. Rick--Thanks so much for your support. We are very much on the same page here!!!

      I know I can do the 5k, the 10k and even the half. I do the Disney 5k and half the day after for every runDisney race I do. I too feel very comfortable doing Dumbo. Its that full--that full marathon terrifies me! Especially with it being last. Like you said, by then you are tired from 3 other races and waking up super early 3 days in a row.

      I know the 2014 Dopey is not for me. Maybe...just maybe 2015!

    2. I saw someone tweet earlier today saying something like "think hard before signing up for Dopey. Respect the distance." I think that about sums it up for me.... not that I would be running it anyway since I've just begun training for my first half, haha :)

      IF I ever did tackle Dopey I would probably take it reaaal easy in the 5K and 10K and go moderately easy in the half to make sure I had enough oomph for the full.

      I'm already excited and ready to read recaps of Dopey in its inaugural year. I'm a junky for runDisney race recaps :)

  2. The real question is the recovery time issue. Even a person in the best shape in the world would likely struggle physically with this much activity without good recovery. Of course, logically, one could say that in the past, humans had to walk and run every where all the time (before cars and modern society made us focus on convinence) so it is probably very possible. I just wonder if it is something you should do.

  3. I don't see myself ever doing this. Of course, there was a time a couple years ago that I didn't see myself ever doing a 1/2. And this year...Coast to Coast. Frankly that medal was my motivator. I'm doing Dumbo, and I'm a bit apprehensive. I did the Royal Family 5k and Princess, and was 10 minutes slower than my Tinkerbell. Yeah, I ate too much the night before, and it WAS much hotter in FL that CA. But still...Finally, I agree with you. The idea of a full marathon scares the living you know what out of me. And for it then to be the last day of 4? Um, no. Plus, if I'm at WDW, I'd like to be able to see some of the parks. For the Dopey, I'd be getting up too early (and presumeably going to bed early) for me to enjoy the parks, and frankly, my feet would be toast.

  4. I would never do that personally, but that is just me...I am getting older (42) and my body has a tense relationship with mind loves to run, my body...not so much! Blessings!

  5. Looks like I am the odd one out, lol. I am actaully considering this after having completed Goofy this year.

    Yes, it is a TON of distance and it must be respected but with almost 10 months to train for it it can be done from where I am at now with my running.

    I ran/walked the half marathon for Goofy than ran the first 20 of the marathon to get most of it done before the heat but my legs felt strong during the race. After both though, my knees hated me.
    We will see, I would love the extra bling though!