Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dumbo Double Dare 2013

This year was the first runDisney Dumbo Double Dare!  It was held at the Disneyland Resort--the first official runDisney challenge held on the west coast.  As soon as it was announced, I knew I had to be part of it.  I am such a fan of Disneyland and runDisney, how could I not?

The Dumbo Double Dare is a two part runDisney challenge.  It consists of the Disneyland 10k on Saturday morning, followed the Disneyland Half Marathon on Sunday morning.  I like to consider it a mini version of the of the Goofy Challenge held in Walt Disney World.  (Goofy is a half marathon one day, followed by a full marathon the next day.)  The DDD sold out in a matter of hours, but I knew getting into the race would be the easy part.  I had done ten half marathon before the DDD, but a back to back race like this one was a whole different animal.

Luckily for us runDisney lovers, Jeff Galloway put together a great training plan.  Most weeks, you walk a
long walk on Saturday, and then do a long run on Sunday.  I found the training plan to work very well.  Besides to follow the training plan and all other tips that go with running a half marathon, I have a few tips that are specific to the DDD:

  • Get lots of rest Thursday night.  If you are like most runners, you will not sleep well the night before the races. 
  • Take Friday easy.  Go to the expo and then relax at the pool.  Your body needs the rest. 
  • Carb load Friday and Saturday.  Your body needs to build up and then rebuild up those glycogen stores. 
  • Start hydrating on Thursday (or before), and then never stop!  Carry a water bottle with you and keep filling it up.  Doing two back to back races makes it even more important that you are hydrated.
  • Don't push yourself to hard the at the first race.  You have an even longer race to do tomorrow. 
  • After the first race, again, take it easy.  I know, there are two Disney theme parks waiting for you--how can you take it easy?  How about a compromise--just a few hours in the parks and then you take it easy? 
  • Eat a bland, well balanced diet on Friday and Saturday--nothing that will upset the tummy before your big races.  
  • ENJOY YOURSELF!  You are in Disneyland! 
Do you have any other tips I should add to this list?  

A dream is a wish...



  1. All great tips! :0) I loved this challenge...had a great time running both races!

  2. We planned our rest a little differently. We visited the Expo on Thursday and did visit theme parks afterwards. However, after our slow and fun 10K, we had a very relaxing day with very little activity other than eating and going to the pool! This way, we were really off our feet and rested for the half. My daughter got a 4 minute PR in the half too! It was a fabulous race weekend!

  3. I hope someday to get to do any run at a Disney place. I have never been.. and I think I am the only person in the whole world who hasn't!!

  4. These are great tips Amy! I'm doing the Glass Slipper Challenge and getting ready to start that training off of the Dumbo Dare Training (although I wish runDisney would put out an official Glass Slipper Training Plan). I want to keep these tips in mind for that weekend.

  5. Thanks for sharing and I love that Jeff Galloway's plan worked for you. Hoping one day to be able to do all the Disney races that you do and hope to see you soon!