Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014--a Year of New Beginnings!

2014 was a year of changes for me!  
We bought a new house!  I loved our old house, but it was just too small for our growing family.  We had our eye on this house for five years--yes five years!  It was built and first for sale right after Andrea was born.  That was not a good time for use to move.  In November of 2013, it went for sale again.  After a few months of consideration, we took a leap and put in an offer.  On June 30, 2014 (the day before my birthday!) she became ours! This is my dream house. We look forward to painting, decorating and growing old in our new home. 

I started my own travel agency!  I call it Main Street Magic, LLC after the iconic Main Streets at the Disney Parks.  This too was a big leap for me.  I had a few years of travel agent experience under my belt.  After our big move, I now have my very own office.  What better time than now to put myself out there and make a go of it. So far, its going great!  I have hired three agents and I plan to hire more very soon.  It feels amazing to actually love what you do. 

I started a part time job, back in the accounting field.  This job sort of fell into my lap.  A friend from our scout pack was looking for a Treasurer for his church.  Knowing about my background and education in accounting, he asked if I was interested.  I figured--why not!  I am doing bookkeeping and accounting for the church and the church owned day care.  I work a few hours a week at the church office and a few hours a week at home.  It's nice to be back in the working world a few hours a week, and its nice to be using my degree again.  

The past six months has brought me any exciting changes.  These changes have kept me from blogging as often as I would like.  Now that my family is getting used to our new life, our new routine--I will be writing much more often! I have run a few more races and visited Disney twice since I last wrote.  Stay tuned--I have lots of fun stuff to tell you about.  Thank you for coming back. 

A dream is a wish...



  1. Sounds like 2014 was an exciting year! Congrats to a happy year! I hope 2015 is just as wonderful for you!


  2. Congratulations on all the new changes and I wish you continued success and happiness in 2015! I hope to see you sometime in this new year!

  3. Yay for all the new changes! And love the house! Now that is something that I need to do is get into a house of our own soon. :) Hopefully with my learning of accounting in school which I do call evil right now (just kidding as I'm enjoying it) I will be able to find something part time as well too to help out with being able to get a home or a new car. See you soon and can't wait to read more!

  4. Congratulations on an amazing 2014! Your help with travel plans for my cousin and I for PHM weekend was fantastic - Wishing you all the best in 2015!