Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Have Courage and Be Kind--My Review of the New Cinderella Movie

This past weekend, I took my daughter to see the brand new, live action Disney movie "Cinderella". I don't know who was more excited--me or Andrea. We have been waiting a long time for this movie to come out!  As you know, we are a house of Disney freaks.  I have heard great reviews about the movie, so I could not wait to see it.

We meet my sisters at the theater, along with my daughters BFF and her mom.  My husband and son had a scout event so it was a girls day out for us!  I made sure I wore my Cinderella New Balance sneakers, my runDisney glass slipper challenge shirt and my Disney Pandora bracelet for fun.

My daughter was double excited for this movie--she could not wait to see Cinderella, but she really was excited to see the short that came before Cinderella.  The short was "Frozen Fever."  It brought us back into the world of Arendelle again for a few minutes.  In this little glimpse into the life of our favorite royal sisters, we catch up with them on Anna's birthday.  Elsa plans a huge party, but she is sick.  We learn that her powers and illness do not mix well!  All of the main characters are back for an update--we even get to see what becomes of Hans.  "Frozen Fever" gets a thumbs up from us!

Up next was the main feature!  I was not sure what to expect with the live action "Cinderella" movie.  Cinderella is my favorite princess (and my blog's inspiration!)  I had high hopes for this movie, but I have not been a fan of some of the animated turned live actions movies lately, like "Alice in Wonderland".  I was hoping they did not try to modernize it too much.  I also hoped they kept most of the original Walt Disney story line.

At the beginning of the movie we meet Ella, her mom and her dad.  They are a beautiful, happy family. We all know what happens to them from the animated classic. In the new live action movie, we get a much better back story about the family.  Ella's relationship with her mom in explored in depth.  Since I am a mom with a daughter, I could really relate to it.  Right before she loses her mom, Ella is given some fantastic advice about how to live her life.  "Have courage and be kind..." I love that this was the theme of the movie. No mater how poorly Ella was treated by her step family, she always keep that advice from her mom close to her heart.  It's because of her goodness that her fairy godmother gives her a night of magic.

Visually, the movie was amazing!  The costumes, scenery--all perfect.  I have a feeling a lot of little girls will be begging for the new Cinderella dress very soon.  The golden coach was elegant and beautiful. We got to see it when we visited Disney World in February. Ella's hair, her dress and of course the glass slippers were spot on.

I highly recommend this movie to everyone. My daughter is already asking when we can see it again!

A dream is a wish...


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