Friday, September 30, 2011

Tune-Up Time

My new “Runner’s World” magazine came in the mail, and like always, I was very eager to read it.  I found one article especially interesting and I wanted to share it with you.  When I was just starting out on my running journey, I got the advice that I should enter a few local practice races—to get the feel of racing and fine tune things like pace, nutrition, and hydration. So far, I have done a few 5k’s, a 7 miler and a 10 miler.  I found these experiences very helpful in my journey.   I know have a feel for how races are run, what nutrition works best for me, and how much water in need. 
As I am about to start my formal training plan for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I have been looking into finding local races that will fit into my training plans as long runs.  A will admit, long run days are not my favorite because the long run can become tedious and boring.  Turning my long run into a race, keeps it exciting while still getting my training time in.  So far, I have a 5k, a 5 miler and a 15k all schedule in place of my usual long run.  Check out my races on the right.
Have you ever used this plan?  Do you have any local races planned as practice races?  Do you recommend any to me in the Maryland/Southern Pennsylvania area? 
A dream is a wish…
Here is a link to the article

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