Friday, December 9, 2011

My Take on Barefoot Running

It is a trend that can be seen all over in the running world—barefoot running.  I hate wearing shoes, so this concept intrigued me. Just about every shoe company offers some sort of “natural” or “minimalist”.  A few months ago, I decided to take a spin on the minimalist bandwagon.  I got a pair of Vibram FiveFingers and gave them a try. 
The VFFs took some getting used to at first.  They felt kind of funny on my toes at first, a bit tighter than I am used to.  As shoe wearers, we are not used to having anything between our toes.  I started wearing my Vibram around the house and then on errands.  Once I got used to having something between my toes, they began to feel natural, like wearing nothing at all.   I even wore them walking around the Magic Kingdom one day in October in Walt Disney World. 
I tried the VFFs one day for a 30 minute run.  I will report, I am not a barefoot running convert.  As an over pronator, the shoes did not offer me enough arch support.  I did not feel the usual spring back in each stride that I usually experience when I wear my Asics 2160’s.  For now, barefoot running is not for me. I will continue to wear my VFFs in my day to day activity.  I also like to wear them when weight lifting or taking Pilates classes, as I do find then comfortable.  While I appreciate the science behind barefoot running, I am not a fan. 
Have you tried barefoot running?  What did you think of it? 
A dream is a wish...


  1. I am intrigued by it but haven't tried it. I can see how it's not for everyone and would hate to buy the shoes only to find I hate it! Glad you can still find a use for your VFFs and you like them!

  2. I have tried it and it has a place in my training. I tried the VFF, but they are not for me. My longest toe on one foot is my middle toe and the VFF are not built for that- I could never get them to feel right. I do have the New Balance Minimus trail and I will run a few miles here and there in them on the trail, but I always switch out to my main trail shoes after a few miles. Basically I see them, for me, as a tool to help with form and foot strengthening. Definitely keep wearing them as you said, though!

  3. I have the wrong pair for running. If you need more arch support you need the bikila ls or one of the ohter models with laces of draw strings on top. They are made so you can pull the arch up more for mor support. I love my VFFs. I have the regular bikila which is their running shoe and I LOVE them. I have been doing more long runs in the NB minimus because they have a little more cushioning and at my currnet wieght, i need that for 2+ hour runs but the VFF are still my all time favorite and once I have dropped 50lbs or so, I am sure they will be the only thing I run in.

  4. I ordered my Dad a pair Vibrams for Christmas. He has been really interested in mine, I figured I would let him try them for himself.