Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dietary Suppliments

What is your opinion on dietary supplements?  In the past, my opinion on supplements was that most were unnecessary.  If your diet was good, you were giving your body everything it needs.  My have always tried to eat a balanced diet, so dietary supplements were never a big concern of mine. 

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a supplement manufacturer.  They wanted to send me some supplements to try and tell you about.  I was reluctant to agree, but I figured what could it hurt?  If I did not like the supplements, I would honestly report that to you.  There was also a chance that I would find something that would make me feel great, that could change my life. 

I just started taking the supplements a few days ago.  I am nowhere near ready to tell you about it yet, but it is something that has been on my mind a lot this week.  What is your opinion on dietary supplements?  Do you take any?  What ones?  What do they do for you? 

A dream is a wish…



  1. What do you mean by supplements? I use things when I run like Shot Bloks, and I try to take my vitamins (multi, iron, b). I agree that they probably aren't necessary except when you actually know they are, which I know sounds strange. I also think the placebo effect is something that companies understand and use to their advantage when it comes to selling supplements etc.

    1. By dietary supplements, I mean vitamins and such. I would call gels nutritional supplements. These are just my definitions. The placebo effect if my exact concern. Will keep you posted...

  2. I personally take a multi-vitamin, calcium, vitamin d and iron, plus fiber, because I know from blood tests that is what i am really lacking!

  3. At one time, I held the same view as you on supplements. I didn't feel that they were necessary as long as your diet wasn't lacking. But then, in my old age, I started noticing crackling in my knees. So now I take calcium and vitamin D. Stuff like that can't hurt, right? I also take Biotin because it makes my skin look awesome and keeps the dry patches I get as a result of eczema at bay.