Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting Back on Track After the Flu

These past few days, I have been fighting an awful stomach flu.  You know how it goes—weak, shaky, not being able to keep anything down, lots of time in the bathroom.  No fun!  Now that I can stand up straight again, when do I resume my normal workout routine?

Today, I started out very easy.  Instead of running around the track at the local high school, I just walked.  I also did my normal weights routine, but used lighter weights.  I still feel tired and weak, but don’t want to give up a whole week of my training plan—I have two half marathons in the next six weeks! 

How do you get back into your workout routine after being sick?  Do you work out while you are sick?  I could really use your advice on this one!

A dream is a wish…



  1. If the illness is above the neck I keep on keepin' on...(cold etc.) If it's below they say take time off. A cough can easily turn into an infection from running. The stomach bug though, you have to go by your body. I think the way you are easing into things is the best. You know what you can handle and obviously you haven't been fueling your body well! Good luck getting back into things.

  2. That is great advice. Thanks!