Monday, August 27, 2012

A Great Team Run

A few weeks ago, I told you about my most awful run ever.  The extremely hilly, hot and humid TEAM run through Springvalley Park.  I was so miserable!  It really scared me.  Was I ever going to like running again? Was it going to be better next time?

At my last Team run, we meet by the Susquehanna river.  The course the coaches mapped out was beautiful!  I ran a total of seven miles, with the first three right along the river.  I find water so inspiring.  Renewing.  It was tranquil and calming.  After the part by the river, we had a .9 mile uphill.  I could not expect the coaches to give us a completely flat course, right?  The nice part of that killer hill was the last three miles were gently down hill.  As we were finishing, the Team met up for a little picnic by the river.

I feel so much better about running since this Team run.  With that awful run so fresh in my memory, it was so nice to have a good run.  It is still August, so it was still hot and humid, but not as bad.  It was still tough to breath, but I felt so much better this time!  You know how much I love my TEAM, so I could not leave the bad run out there without telling you about a great Team run.  We are all out there for a such a great cause.  Every tough run is worth it because of the good we do together.

A dream is a wish...


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  1. it sounds beautiful and awesome! was it more like a trail run? I got to give that a try, or find somewhere the run around some water, makes peaceful