Monday, August 6, 2012

My Toughest Run Yet...

This past Saturday morning, I ran with my TEAM.  We meet at an all new location--Spring Valley Park.  I was excited about this location because it is the closest location to my house that my Team has ever run.  We meet there nice and early at 7:30am.  After the usual introductions and dedication, Coach handed out maps, and we were off!

Very quickly in the run I could tell this was not going to be an easy run, not easy at all!  The park was beautiful to run in, but nothing but hills--very steep hills!  They seamed straight up and up and up.  It was very unnerving looking off in the distance and seeing four plus story cliffs and knowing that is where I was running to next.  It was very hot and humid outside and the mosquitoes were having a feast--on me.

Coach Barb and Coach Scott
The combo of the heat, humidity and hills tired me out very quickly.  It was next to impossible for me to stick to my Galloway run/walk/run method.  The up hills were just to steep for me to keep running, and the down hills were so steep I was slipping on the gravel.  By mile three of seven, the sun was out and it was getting hotter.  I was feeling miserable!  I even considered quieting before my seven miles were done.  I walked a lot more of the run than I would have liked, but I stuck to it and completed my miles.  My time average was 17 minutes per mile, while my normal long run time average is 13 minutes per mile.  The hills and walking really killed my time.

Since I like to keep things positive, here are some wonderful things about the run.  My running buddy Maureen and I stayed together the whole time.  It was nice to have her to chat with and take my mind off the tough course.  We also were treated to seeing a momma dear and her two babies who run across the road right in front of us.  Running through the park was so tranquil and beautiful. While the sun was beating down on us for much of the run, the trees in the park offered us some shady areas to cool off a bit.

I am so lucky to be part of such a wonderful team.  My team mates are so supportive and positive.  We have some of the best coaches out there.  They work so hard to see use succeed.   When I woke up on Sunday, the DOMS were in full force! My gluts and hammies are so sore from all the hill work.

I was feeling really down over the weekend about my run on Saturday.  Now I am trying to look at it as an opportunity to improve.  Not all runs can be good ones.  Next week will have to be better.  How do you move on after a bad run?

A dream is a wish...



  1. That's a big group of you guys for the run!

  2. So jealous that you have such a great group to run with! I know it can be unnerving and devastating whenever there is a tough hard run - but it helps us appreciate the good ones :) The fact that you didn't quit is a huge success! And hill work is tough and even though your pace was slower that run will have made you stronger (physically and mentally)! Way to Go!!

  3. keep on keeping on! no run can be perfect!! a "bad" run just reminds us that we are human, and it gives us room to strive for bigger goals!!! keep positive. i know you'll pick it up! thanks for sharing!!! SPA love!

  4. You're totally right, not all runs can be good ones. Every time I have a terrible run I learn something new about myself. I learn that I am determined, that I am capable, that I am stubborn; but mainly it reinforces that I am a runner no matter what my pace per mile may say. Hang in there, hill work is tough. I would rather do speed work than hill work ANY day!

  5. Girl you are doing great!!! And yes...not all your runs will be great! But the bad runs make you appreciate the good runs so much more! Congrats to you for not quitting and conquering those tough miles!!!

  6. looks like a great group for a run! (:
    SPA Love