Thursday, September 6, 2012


Sleeping Beauty's Castle (photo by Danielle Ryan)
I just got back from an amazing trip to Disneyland!  My main reason for crossing the country was to run in the runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon.  I am not going to lie, I was just as excited to visit Disneyland again   as I was to run in the race.  I love Disneyland!  It's the original--its the park that Walt built.  His spirit can be felt all over the place.

My favorite DL mountain--The Matterhorn
I am the Disneyland guru at my travel agency.  People often ask me which I like better--Disneyland or Walt Disney World?  Well, that is a tough question!  Usually the one I like best is the one I was at most recently.  Honestly, I can not answer that question.  I love the size of WDW.  There is always something new to do or see, even when you go as often as I do.  The history and nostalgia of Disneyland can not be beat.  I tell people I can not chose my favorite.  And then I ask them theirs.  If I hear that they have not been to both, I then insist they go!  As similar as the two parks are on the surface, they have two distantly different feels.

Splash Mountain
The Magic Kingdom in WDW and Disneyland are very similar.  In both parks, guests enter the park to a Main Street.  At the end of each Main Street sits a beautiful castle.  Both parks have a lot of the same rides--Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, Small World, ect.  While these rides are not exactly the same at each park, they are similar enough to hold the same name.  Disneyland has more rides than the Magic Kingdom, but it is a smaller park.  My favorite ride in Disneyland is the Matterhorn, a mountain ride that is similar to Expedition Everest in WDW's Animal Kingdom.

The Haunted Mansion
The Disneyland Resort is much smaller than WDW.  The Disneyland Resort has just two theme parks, Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. The resort has just three resort hotels.  I will tell you more about this on another day!  If you have any questions or want more information on a Disney vacation, contact me at

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  1. I live by WDW now, but I grew up about an hour from DLand and I get the questioned about DLAND and which is better and I have a hard time answering it as well. I like WDW because of some of the other parks, but DLand is definitely the original!