Thursday, September 20, 2012

Instead Softcups

What is Instead Softcups? It's an alternative solution for period protection. It's exactly what it sounds like. It's a soft cup. And yes. It goes in there.

Some facts about Instead Softcups: 
It can be left in place for up to 12 hours.  That is an entire work day, or long enough to get a good nights sleep with out changing a pad or tampon.

Unlike pads, it can not be felt while you are using it.

It will not move, shift or bunch.

It does not cause odor, dryness or irritation.

It will not mess with your body's pH levels.

There have been no reports of TSS (toxic shock syndrome) associated with Instead Softcups, unlike tampons.

It allows you to run, swim, take a bath, dress up and not even think about your period.

There are many other reasons why Instead Softcups are better than tampons and pads.  You can read about them here.

My Experience

When I agreed to give Instead Softcups a try and tell you about my experience, I was a bit nervous.  I had never even heard of Instead Softcups or anything like it.  Honestly, the thought of inserting it really freaked me out.  Luckily, there are good instructions with sketches inside the box.  After a few tries, I had the hang of it.

I did not know what to expect the first day I used the Softcups.  Would it be uncomfortable?  Would it give me cramps?  What if it got "lost" up there?  Once I got the hang of using it, I had not problems.  I could not feel it while I was using it.  Getting it out was a bit challenging at first, but just like inserting, there was good directions and I got the hang of it quickly.

I went about my day as I normally would--get the kids to school, grocery shopping, laundry, making dinner, get the kids to bed ect.  (I have a very exciting life).  Then it came time for my run.  I usually run late in the evenings after the kids are in bed.  I went out for my run and totally forgot I was even using it.  I see my running time as my me time--no music, no talking--just thinking.  I use this time to reflect on my day, my life, the world.  All of that went on as normal.  No pad bunching up or sticking to me.  How refreshing.

I am really happy to have found Instead Softcups.  It's nice to have another option for period protection.

A dream is a wish...


 Even though I am being compensated for this review, the opinions expressed here are 100% mine.

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