Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BWC Goody Bag

The Baltimore Women’s Classic was a great run.  I am SO glad I did it.  Not only was the atmosphere of the race spectacular, but the rewards were stellar!   When I signed up for the race I knew I would get a t-shirt and a goody bag, but wow! 
The shirt is New Balance brand and made of technical material.  It is great quality and has a nice cut.  I really like it!  The yellow goody bag is the cloth grocery carrier type.  There were tons of samples stuffed into the bag, like:
 A full size box of Success brown rice
Three packets of True Lime
A two pack of full size Blistex
A pack of Totally Light 2 Go Energy Rush
A pack of Totally Light Tea 2 Go half and half
A packet of Emergen-C
A mini Luna Bar is White Chocolate Macadamia
A Rev Raw 100 Bar
A bottle of Tend Skin
A packet of Blister Shield (I used it on race day are really like it!)
A Goody Mosaic comb
A lanyard
A few magnets
My race bib (number 2088)
Safety pins
Timing chip
Several coupons for local and on-line run related businesses
Flyers for upcoming races

I was amazed by all the stuff in the bag!  A runner friend of mine told me not to expect this good of a goody bag from every race and that the BWC goody bags are always the best.  Thanks everyone at the BWC for arranging all of these great perks for running! 
A dream is a wish your heart makes......


****I have been working hard to set up some more GREAT giveaways for you!  Keep an eye on my blog to find out what they are!


  1. My goodness that is one awesome goodybag! Love all the stuff you got!!!

  2. We do think we have some of the best goody bags! Every bag didn't have every item that you had, but we try to have at least 10 items in there, and not just paper!! We love how generous companies are for providing so many great things for our ladies.