Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What “technology’’ do you use?

A blog follower/new friend recently e-mail me and ask me what running stop watch I use.  I replied to her that I do not use a stop watch, but that I do us Runkeeper on my iPhone.    Since you all were so helpful and gave me some really great suggestions when I asked about a running playlist, I have another question for everyone.  What type of running “technology” do you use? 
I am not much of a technology buff.  I like my laptop and love my iPhone, but I use them to do basic things.  When I first started running, I did things kind of old-school.  I used a regular old pedometer and the stop watch on my iPhone.  Once I got into running more, I looked into running apps on iTunes.  I don’t really like to pay for apps, so I downloaded a few of the free ones.  I downloaded Run Keeper, Nike+ GPS and Endomondo.  I have given all of them a try and I have chosen the one I like best. 
RunKeeper is a really easy app to use.  You just tap the app to open it, tap activity type (running), tap to start playlist to get the music pumping, and then tap to start activity.  It’s so easy!  There is a place to tap to hear how far you went, you total time and you minutes per mile time. The app also periodically chimes in to report your progress.  You can control your play list right in the Runkeeper app, and even take a photo of your surroundings.  Once your run is over, you tap on activity complete to hear the details of your run and see your run mapped out by GPS.  The run is then uploaded to, so you can log your progress. 
The other apps, Nike+ GPS and Endomondo, worked well but I like Runkeeper better.  What type of running “technology” do you use?  Do you use a GPS watch, an iPhone app, or something else?  What do you like and dislike about it? 
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  1. I use Runtastic on my Blackberry.

  2. I use the Nike Plus on my iPod, but I don't run in Nike anymore so the sensor stays in my shoe wallet and seems to work just fine...=)

  3. I use GPS Sport app for my Android. I like it but I frequently lose my GPS signal where I live.

    I was thinking about getting some sort of stopwatch/timer because I see a few training programs that have you running for 90 seconds then walking for 60 seconds. I am sure a good old stop watch will do but I always get sucked in by the fancy gadgets made for runners.

  4. I wear a GPS watch...I have the Garmin 110 (the grey and pink one of course!). It's a fairly basic model, but allows me to see the info that's important to me while running and then I can get all the detailed stats when I download the info to my computer. It's super easy to use. I only wish it would vibrate instead of beep at the intervals that I set...although I think I read that one of Garmin's newest models does have a vibrate option now.

  5. Thanks for the great responses! How does the GPS watch work? I often d0 1 minute walk/one minute run intervals, but do so by watching the clock. The beep or vibrate would be so much easier! Also, how much do these things cost?

    Another question: Has anyone found ear buds that stay in when you run? I have small ears I guess because the ones that came with my iPhone are to big and barely stay in when I walk, forget running!

  6. I have a Garmin Forerunner 201. It was a gift in 2009, but I think then it was $150.

    Nope to the ear bud question. I just bought a pair at Wal-Mart that go over the ears, but my ears are too small on top to keep them on. The ones I had been using wrap around the back of your head and it looks like I'm going to have to get a new pair of those. Stupid weirdly shaped ears...

  7. Hi Amy!

    Another Runkeeper girl, here! I don't like to pay for apps either, and I started using Runkeeper to earn the Foursquare badges, and just kept using it to track my time and my mileage.

    I've looked at some of the fancy watches, but I want to be super sure before I invest in one, so I'll be watching this thread. :)

    My ear buds have the little hook that goes over the ear, like a hearing aid, lol. I think they're Skull Candy, and they were very inexpensive. There are nicer ones; I think Sennheiser makes some, and they're pretty reputable as an audio brand.

    Hope this helps!

  8. There are so many different models out there for the GPS watches, so you'd have to do a little research on which model has the features you need for your runs, but I'm pretty sure there are models out there that can handle time intervals. I do distance-based intervals so as long as I can see the distance on the display, I'm good! I think Garmins can start around $199 and I think I've seen them all the way up to $500...maybe more. For earbuds, I can't use the ones that come with iPods or iPhone's either. I found a pair of Skull Candy ones that came with 3 different sizes of interchangeable "buds" and the smallest one works perfectly for me. My BF uses earbuds with that memory foam on the end so you can just smush it down, insert and it will expand to fit your ear. I think his are Sony but I'm not 100% sure about that. I went through so many pair of earbuds before I could finally find one that fit me...I have really small ears too! It's such a pain!

  9. I have Nike+ on my iphone and I've tried some watches, but I never really liked any of them. Nike+ works well enough for me, although I have also downloaded runkeeper and might try that soon enough... I also like how Nike+ connected to the Nike website as well as Facebook. You can set goals and what not there and as you log your runs it updates how you're doing on your goals.

  10. HI Amy,

    Just found a great app I have been using on my phone. It is called A HIIT App which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. You basically create your own interval workouts. As you approach a transition to the next interval, it beeps with 2 seconds left and then beeps and vibrates when you are to change. You can label each interval so in case you forget what you are suppose to do-walk/run/run fast/walk fast etc. I just started using it and I LOVE IT. You also put in how many rounds you want to do and it will tell you your total workout time before you start. My husband found the app for me by google interval training.

  11. Thanks Kelly! I just downloaded it for my iPhone!

  12. I use FitBit. It just stays in my pocket all day and gives me all sorts of stats - number of steps, activity level, and so on. It seems to be fairly accurate. They also have an online community that is pretty active. When the Nike+ first came out I used it but never liked the shoe sensor. It always seemed to escape from its little pouch; I sent it flying across the gym at my office, on more than one occasion, embarrassing myself in the process.