Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's Official!

I just signed up for my first three timed races!   I really feel like I am ready to do some real races and compete with other runners.  My races will be:

Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k
Sunday, June 26th 2011

York Rail Trail 10 Miler
Saturday August 27 2011

York White Rose Run 5 Mile Running Event
Saturday October 22 2011

My goal for these races is to finish and to do my best.  These races will be a starting point to improve my time from.  My hope for the 10-miler is to get a qualifying time fast enough to get an earlier starting corral for the big event—the 2012 Princess Half marathon in February.  I would love company before and after the races!  Is anyone planning on doing any of these races?
What races do you have planned?  What are your race goals?  A specific time or to finish?  I am so excited for my first race!

A dream is a wish your heart makes......


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  1. I'm doing Baltimore, so I'd be happy to meet up down there! I have an aversion to running in the summer (heat kills me!), but maybe the 5 miler. Though I am training for the Philly Half in Nov., so I'll have to see how training is going. :-)

    Yea for signing up!! Oh! There's a couple other GREAT events we've done in the fall

    Ft. McHenry Tunnel Run (Baltimore, Sept)
    Jingle Bell Run (Harrisburg, Dec)

    Also thinking about the Winter Solstice 5 miler in Baltimore. The shirt is sweet! ;-)

  2. Thanks for the recommendations Chris! Good luck at the Philly half. I looked into the Fort McHenry but I don't think I would like running through the tunnel LOL. See you the 26th!

  3. I've been a runner for two years, and need to get a handle on the nutrition side of my fitness. I'm looking forward to following your journey! I'm not doing Princess in 2012, but I am doing Goofy and Tinker Bell! Good luck, from a fellow Princess!!

  4. Amy-I am about 4 1/2 hours from you. Maybe I can make a long weekend, mini vacation of the 10 miler race and bring my family. I am thinking it would be a great race to do and an excuse to get away for a few days before the school year starts up again. Let me know what you think...have you ever done this race before?

  5. Teresa,

    Wow, a Goofy! That's commitment! I really want to do the Tink! Not only is she one of my favorite characters, but I LOVE California. We just got back from 8 nights in Disneyland two weeks ago! Are you closer to DL or WDW? Good luck girl!


    I have not done any races before...I am a totally newbie! The area I am in is very close to Amish country and Hershey Park...both very cool (and educational) places for children. My first offical race is June26...three weeks!

  6. Amy, I will be perfectly honest. The Tunnel Run is HUMID. I like it for it's location, but seriously, the tunnel is humid and the last quarter of the race is uphill. Why do I do this race...

  7. Chris,

    LOL! I am from Baltimore originally, but the Tunnel has always freaked me out. Hey...maybe that will imporove my time...I will really want to get out of there!

  8. Hi Amy,

    Good luck with your race on the 26th. I am sure you will do great.

    I am thinking of doing the York 10 miler in August. If I do it, maybe we can meet up at some point.Have a great day....Kelly

  9. Kelly,

    Company would be great, although I hope I don't slow you down! I have never done the course before, but a friend told me it is mostly downhill. It will be great practice for the half! A trainer at my gym told me that if I can comfortably do a 9 mile run, then I will have no problem doing 13.1 on race day.

  10. HI Amy,

    I think is all a pretty much flat, downhill course. The application form does say it is a "gentle 10 mile downhill course." So I think it would be a great way to get our feet wet for the half marathon. I have a rail trail by my house that I have been practicing on. Don't worry about slowing me down or vice versa. We can always start together and meet up at the end. I will be in touch to get some info about hotels in the area close to race. Now I have another incentive to keep up with my training. Thanks...Kelly

  11. Thanks for starting this Amy, I am planning to do the Tinkerbell and the Princess in 2012, I am not a runner, YET! But I am trying to learn all that I can. I look forward to following you on the journey and maybe meeting in February!

  12. Congrats on starting your journey! You may not be a runner yet, but you will be! The tink and the princess half! the big goals! You can do it! See you at the race!

  13. Good for you for signing up for THREE races!! My 5K was such an incentive, and a friend and I just signed up for the Houston Half in January ... then there's the Princess in February! I also read about your dieting. Avocados and almonds are so healthy and can be added to so many foods. I recently eliminated sugar in my tea and am using agave instead - and now most sweets are way to sweet for me. Kep up the great work!! And thanks for the Princess Bracelet. You made my day!!

  14. Congrats! Signing up for the race is always the hardest step.

  15. Amy - I'm in Texas, so pretty much in the middle. But, I did the College Program internship in college at WDW, so that is my "home". We are DVC members, so we get back there quite often! I am looking forward to taking my son to DL in 2012 - once the Cars land opens!! I was originally planning Mickey Marathon, but really want that anniversary Donald medal, so really the only way to go was Goofy! :) - Teresa

  16. Rach,

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am nervous about my first race, but very excited too!


    We are DVC members too. I already have BLT book for our trip down for the Princess Half. A Goofy! You are so brave! We can not wait for cars land to open. We were there in May and from the top of the sun wheel you can see all of car land. It looks so cool!