Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Should I hire a trainer?

I have been considering getting a personal trainer and would like some advice.  My reason for getting a trainer would be for weight training, not marathon training.  For marathon training, I am reading Marathoning for Mortals by Bingham and Hadfield (I will review the book when I have completed the program!).  Many of us have heard that weight training is a very important component to losing weight and getting fit…but I feel a little lost as to where to start. 
Weight training videos were my first venture into weight training, but they become very redundant after doing then a few time.  I have also done some web searches to find some good weight training moves, but I am worried that I am not doing then correctly.  This brings me to the question of good form.  Having good form when exercising is very important.  If your form is bad, you risk injury, or not getting the desired results.
I already know who I would choose as my trainer.  Her name is Mary B and she works at my gym, Strictly Fitness in York, PA.  I LOVE her spin classes.  Mary chooses awesome music for class and sequences the exercises perfectly.  She is great at motivating me, while giving support and encouragement at the same time.  Others at my gym rave about Mary as a trainer.  I would love to give it a try, but I have a few questions for my online friends. 
In a perfect world, I would like to meet about once a month and get a program to work on for the month.  We would meet again the next month and tweak the program a bit and continue this until I felt I could do it myself.  How realistic does this sound to you? 
So, I have come here today to ask, what has your experience been with a personal trainer?  Did you find it worthwhile…and worth the price?  How much did it cost and how often were you required to meet with the trainer? 
A dream is a wish your heart makes......


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  1. Hi, Amy! Congrats on running the Princess Half!!! This will also be my first 1/2 marathon, and I am currently doing the Couch to's going pretty well! Good luck with the trainer...I was thinking about it, too!

    Maybe we can encourage each other here! And, I would love one of your motivating Princess bracelets! How do I get in touch with you? Take care!


  2. Congrats to you too Kate! I could use all the encouragment I can get! How do you like C25K?

    Please e-mail me at with an address to send it to and I will get one right out to you. Do you prefer black or pink?

  3. Hi Amy,
    Cross training is a vital part of overall fitness. Weight/Resistance training not only improves muscle efficiency but reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

    As far as establishing a program, you would likely meet with a trainer a few times to review your health history, establish your goals, and conduct some kind of assessments. Based on those results, a program would be designed for you.

    I would think once a month would be fine to meet with your trainer to mark your progress and make adjustments, but some could want to see you more than that. I am not sure how much trainer’s charge; it typically varies based on several factors. If they are part of a gym, how many certifications do they have, are they paid a percentage of the hourly rate or, if they are independent and set their own rate, they may do it by the hour or by the session

    I hope this helps…

  4. Hello Amy, I am also training for the 5k. Last month I got off the couch ... did a lot of research, and worked really hard for that month ... and ran my first 5K last weekend - and completed better than my goal time! It was amazing! I am joining a running club in July that prepares you for a half marathon and I may do the Houston Half in January (on my bday --- what a way to turn 45!!!)!

    I would love to get a Princess headband - I am trying to collect all things "Princess" - where did you get them? I am working on a "Princesses don't sweat ... we sparkle" t-shirt as a reminder that the Houston heat is just a form of pixie dust (it's NOT working) ...

    Best of luck --- keep up the great work, and HAVE FUN!!


  5. Michelle,

    You trained for a 5k in one month! Wow girl! Great job. Please e-mail me at with an address where I an send the wrist princess band. Do you prefer pink or black? Love the t-shirt idea!

  6. Hi Amy!

    When I weight lifted and crossed trained as a college athlete, I was in the best shape of my life. While I know I'll never reach that level again, I will also be implementing a weight training or circuit routine. I have recently added Jillian Michael's videos into my circuit training for the days I don't run. She's pretty tough, but I really like it.

    Good luck with your personal trainer! I think you'll definitely see some of the benefits from it quickly (even if it hurts in the process).

  7. slp1650,

    What Jillian Micheals vidoe are you doing? Please come back and let me know how you like it and if you think it is improving your running. Thanks!

  8. I'm doing the Fat Burning one and No More Trouble Zones. As a warning, they are quite challenging. However, I really like it. When I originally did the videos I think they helped a lot. I stopped doing them for a bit of time and have only recently picked them up again. This will be my first time doing them with running so we'll see how it goes. I'll review them in a few weeks on my blog as well...

  9. I am also toying with the idea of getting a trainer. As of right now I dont even belong to a gym but I want to soon. I am planning on doing my first 5K in October (Race For The Cure in memory of my Mom.) I would love to know what you decide to do. Love your blog just found it a few days ago!

  10. Barbara,

    Thanks for commenting! What Race for the Cure are you doing? My mom is a survivor and I have thought of doing this race. I would be doing the one if Hunt Valley MD. We will be in WDW until the night before the race, so I dont't know if thats a good time for my first 5k.

    I was very reluctant to join a gym. I felt way to out of shape and fat to join a gym! Once I finally got up the courage to walk in, I found such a supportive place there! I love my gym and I can't say enough wonderful things about the place and the people there! Give it a try!

  11. your blog. I am also on a "quest for fitness" I started running in March and did my first 5K in May. I will be running the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to reading your blog.


  12. Great to meet you Kelly,

    Send me your snail mail address and I will send you an "anchor" (read about it in prevous post).

    How did your first 5k go? What are you useing for training? See you at the race!

  13. I just started running/walking 5ks and recently stopped and started being lazy! I need to get back into it if I am going to be ready for the Princess half! I love all things Princess and even my brother said if there was a half marathon made for me, this was it! lol
    I love the t-shirt idea too!

  14. Elise,

    Send me your snail mail address and I will send you an "anchor" (read about it in prevous post). You will love it! I wear mine every day as a reminder to keep training and eating well. I LOVE all things princess too! It's so nice to have a daughter now, an excuse to buy lots of princess stuff.

    How did your first 5k go? What are you useing for training?

    See you at the race!

  15. Congratualtion on doing the Disney princess 1/2! I'll be doing this with my BFF and this will be our first. I found your blog thru the Disney's Princess Half Marathon facebook page. Looking forward to following you. Yes I would love to have one of the princess bands to remind me why am running and to stay focus on the days I don't feel like running.


  16. Congrats and GOOD LUCK on doing the Princess 1/2!!! My daughter and I have an annual run each year (Disney 5K) this year we decided to sign up for the Princess 1/2 2012. I love your blog! It is inspiring!!I would love to have one of the princess bands to inspire me on those days that I feel overwhelmed and ready to quit. I'm not quite at 1/2 marathon level yet but I did sign up for a 10K in July...wish me LUCK!!!

  17. Hello Shelia and Gina,

    Please e-mail me a snail mail address where I can mail the bracelet. I am not at half marathon level either...yet anyway. We will get there! I can't wait to see you ladies at the race!

  18. Hi Amy,
    I'm planning on running this one too! My first half will be this September in Virginia Beach, but then I have my eye on the Disney Princess Half in 2012 :) Good luck to you!

  19. Hi Amy. My bestfrien and I am also training for our first race and it will be the princess half Marathon. I am so excited. I have also started riding my bike every other day. I can't run more than 5 miles now but I am under 15 minutes average a mile. Hopefully my endurance will increase. I am 38 and don't know why for the life of me why I just decided to get started but I am glad I did. See you at the race.

  20. Amy,
    I just received the bracelets in the mail today, thanks bunches!!! That was so sweet of you to send one for my daughter! I will be mailing it to her tomorrow and I'm sure you will be hearing from her, as well. My 5K is this Saturday and my 10K is July 16th...WHEW busy month but I am going to give it my best to finish. Thanks again!!!

  21. Rosie,

    Congrats on a new goal for yourself. You can do it! Alot of us are not doing 13 miles yet. Actually you are about where most of us are with training. You have plenty of time. Keep up the good work!


    You are very welcome. I hope you and your daughter enjoy. Keep me posted about how your 5k and 10k goes!

  22. Hi Amy,

    I stumbled across your blog through Facebook and the Princess site. I ran the Princess last year and plan to do so again this year. I ran it last year weighing about 205lbs but I conditioned and worked with a great trainer for about 5 months. Before getting with the trainer I did the C25K half-heartedly and worked out about 6 days a week in the gym. I then found a trainer. Prices were 65 per hour. 150 initial consultation. I met with her two times a week for several months. The things I learned from her were PRICELESS and I still have the knowledge and workout plans. However, it is costly! Naively I thought I would not have to diet and because I worked out so frequently everything else would be just fine. Now, I am actively dieting and seeing a major difference in my endurance and ability. I no longer work out with the trainer but have the plans she set up for me available and I am far more knowledgable when I am in the gym. I think that they do bring some insight and I also believe that working with the trainer encourages you to push past the point where you would normally quit. I would fully encourage trying it but defintely be wise about the time spent and the money.

    Good luck, love the blog!

  23. Brandylyn,

    Your story is inspiring! Congratulations on finishing the Princess Half! Thank you for sharing your story. What is your goal now? Another race? A goal weight? It seams like you have come so far already. I have still been carefully considering hiring a trainer, but have not decided yet what I am going to do. Whill you be at the Princess Half again next year? Good luck in the rest of your fitness journey!