Sunday, January 29, 2012

Four Weeks and Counting...

Here we are ladies….the home stretch.  We have less than four weeks until the Princess Half.  My running has been going great.  The Galloway Plan has been working well for me.  I feel really comfortable with my 1/1 or 2/1 intervals.  My speeds have been consistently at 12 minutes per mile during my maintenance runs and 14 minutes per mile in my long runs.  My longest long run has been 10 miles, where I maintained my 14 minutes per mile speed.  I still have three long runs and twelve maintenance runs before the half (wow that does not sound like much!)  I feel like I am ready, but I still have some things to figure out.  There are lots of little tweaks I need to make before then. 

  • ·       Outfit:  I have lots of ideas, but not the total package yet.  Rapunzel is my chosen princess, but I don’t have much of a costume yet.  I do have an Under Armour tech shirt in the prefect shade of lavender, a tiara Bondi Band and my Brooks running shoes.  I still need to settle on Sparkle Shirt and some fun accessories. 

  • ·        Nutrition:  My usual prerun meal is (don’t laugh!) a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin and sugar free iced coffee.  I eat in my car on my way to the race.  Since this won’t be possible on race morning, I have been experimenting with different ideas.  My favorite so far has been an English muffin with peanut butter.  I was also happy with pop tarts.  During my long runs, I don’t eat anything.  I usually eat a Luna bar right after.  I have quite a variety of during race nutrition to test out, like Sports Beans, Honey Stingers, GU Chomps and Clif Bloks. 

  • ·      Timing and Intervals:  I have been very back and forth on this one.  My finish time is not that important to me, as long as I don’t get swept!  Do I take it easy and enjoy the race or do I push hard, giving myself extra time for photo ops?   I don’t want to be completely exhausted at the finish line, but I really don’t want to miss enjoying the race sights and sound, characters etc. 

  • ·        Sleep:  I am quite the night owl and I really don’t enjoy waking up early.  This will be problematic for race day.  I am not sure how to work on this.  We have a very early flight into Orlando on the Friday before the race.  I am considering making a very early breakfast ADR on Saturday morning so I am tired and fall asleep faster on Saturday night. 

How is your race planning going?  Do you have it all figured out?  What is left for you to plan in this last four weeks?

A dream is a wish…



  1. I so don't have it figured out yet! I've been stalking the weather for down there and it's much warmer than I thought it would be. Obviously we're too far out for a real idea of what it will be like but that is what has me stressing the most right now as it impacts SO many other choices that day...

  2. I have my runs all planned out (at least 1 more long run with a few medium length runs after) and I've been working on my diet these last few weeks so I feel like I have a handle on that (lots of lean cuisines, veggies, and fruits). I live in Orlando now, but my running buddy is flying in Thursday and we have a room for the night before the race... I'm just ready for the Princess Weekend to get here!

  3. I am pretty much on track and ready to go. Yesterday, one of my running buddies and I did 12 miles. She's training for a full and I have 2 halfs coming up, so it was a perfect week for a 12 miler. The hubs and I will be traveling from North Carolina. I am going to pack a bagel thin and an individual pack of Jif for my pre-race meal. That combo is about the only fool-proof food for me. As far as fuel for running, I will bring my own Gatorade (kinda picky about flavor) and my HoneyStinger chews. I will probably stick with 3:30/1 intervals - they seem to be the "sweet spot" for my long runs! Can't wait to be Belle!!

  4. See you ladies there in a few weeks!

  5. I just did the Tinkerbell Half at Disneyland. Hope to do the Princess next year. You all sound like your doing great. Have a great time.

  6. There IS a mcDonalds right outside of disney world. Take world drive & it's literally right upon the exist ;) haha

    GOOD LUCK! You're going to do great!