Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meeting Your New Year’s Running Goals

I came across an article in Runner’s World Magazine that I wanted to share with you.  It is all about how to make your New Year’s running goals become a reality.  Lots of the goals discussed pertain to me.  Here are the ones I really like.

Race farther—for me, I would like to increase the distance I run at straight without stopping for a walk break.  I am happy with 13.1 being my top mileage this year, but running more of it is my goal for this year. 

Lose 10 pounds for good—in my case, it would be losing more than 10 pounds.  I thought that with running, losing weight would be easy.  I love how I feel after a run, but it makes me hungrier.  To fight that, I try to run late in the evenings so I am not so hungry all day.  This article offers some good weight loss tips too. 

Get a new PR—5k’s are my most run distance.  It is the distance that I have raced most and it is the distance that I run during my Tuesday/Thursday maintenance runs.  On the treadmill, I have run a 5k in 37 minutes.  During the Turkey Trot, my 5k PR is 38 minutes.  In 2012, I would like to bring my 5k time under 35 minutes in a race.  One day, I would like to run a 5k in under 30 minutes.

Try “real” trail running—I run quite a bit on my local rail trail, which I call trail running.  In truth, this is probably not real trail running.  My trail is gravel.  I would like to try running on an actual dirt trail.  I love running outside, but hitting my same old trial is easy.  This year, I want to run on a real trail.

These are my running goals for 2012.  What are yours? What did you think of this article? 

A dream is a wish…



  1. My running goals for 2012 are...get back into it! I haven't run since high school! I also want to lose weight. I don't get hungry afterwards, I am just extremely thirsty and tired. Going to be trying out some new things to maybe change that up a bit.

    I think that is a good article. Might have to go check it out!

    This week was horrible here for running. The snow is just crazy so the city has pretty much shut down (not used to this much snow). The news is calling it the worst snow storm we have had in years! I have been here going on 6 years and I will have to agree!

  2. I have very similar running goals for 2012. I'll have to check out the article. Thank you for sharing!