Saturday, March 17, 2012

Because I Can...

While at Walt Disney World for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I went to a blogger meet up. Meeting the other bloggers was so much fun, but the speaker was the real highlight. The speaker was Janet Oberholtzer. Her story is amazing.

Janet was a marathon runner. On vacation in southern California, her family was in a horrific car accident. Her leg was decimated, her pelvis shattered, she was barely alive. After many, many surgeries and lots of rehab, she could walk again—something doctors told her she may never do again. But Janet wanted to run! She worked very hard and has completed a few half marathons. In May, Janet will again complete a full marathon. Janet lives locally to me, so I plan to be at her marathon in May, cheering her on!

Janet wrote an amazing book all about her ordeal. “Because I Can” is a story that will give you hope. We all have trials and tribulations in our life. Reading about how Janet overcame such a huge tragedy will help you with whatever troubles you have to deal with. Please check out Janet’s website and let me know what you think.

A dream is a wish…



  1. Thanks Amy! And I'm excited that you might be at my full marathon I'm May.

    1. I WILL be there. It is a good friend's first ever full marathon. I will be there to support her, and you too!