Friday, March 30, 2012


In just ten short weeks I will be in San Diego for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  This will be my second half marathon.  My major concern when training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon was that I finish.  Now that I know I can complete a half marathon, it’s time to work on getting a PR.  Getting a PR should not be to hard because I stopped for so many pictures in the Princess.  Even is I run at the same speed, I will still get a better time in San Diego. 

One thing that has concerned me is that I have not done any runs past a 5k since the Princess.  That ends tomorrow!  I will be doing six miles in the morning and begin following the Jeff Galloway plan.  It worked great for me the first time, so I feel confident it will work for me again. 

So far, Weight Watchers has been going well.  I have been working on finding low points meals and snacks.  I did find these cupcakes in the bakery at my local grocery store that are just 3 PointsPlus each.  I find that eating a fruit or veggie at each meal has helped me stay full.  

This has been a week of refocus to me.  I found a few great articles I wanted to share with you.  One was on about ways to improve your half marathon training and the other is from Runner’s World about how to use running to help you lose weight.  I am ready to get working on my next half marathon!

Have you ever went through a refocus period?  What promted it and how did it work for you?

A dream is a wish…


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  1. I always go through refocusing periods. In fact, this week has been a refocus on my Weight Watchers plan and my weight. It's been an amazing week too!

    San Diego is a beautiful city so that half marathon should be a lot of fun! I did a few triathlons down there back when I was competing in that sport.

    As for looking for food items that don't have too many points... that'll become easier as you continue on the program. One of my favorite desserts now is low fat vanilla ice cream and diet root beer! It's like 2 points and it's great to have in the evenings or when it's hot outside!

  2. I have gone through that after finishing each half marathon so far this year. This past one (about 2 weeks ago), it took me about a week to get back to running and to be focused. Then when I did refocus, I decided to add in a new little challenge ;) I can't wait to hear about your run in San Diego!

  3. You should have fun in San Diego. I grew up there, such a beautiful city!! I can totally relate! I ran the Tinkerbell half in January and it took me awhile to get back into the swing of things. I have the OC HALF coming in the first week of may and nervous, but working on getting my butt back in gear!!

  4. You will have an awesome time and Rock San Diego, but just respect the weekend distance runs that TNT sets up for you. They are vital to your success, both physically and mentally. I know how it is, everyone needs some time, but try to take that during the week and keep the distances on the weekend and do not slack off more than one week in a row :) Saying this out of love and I've been there too ;)