Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Took a Nasty Fall...

My Team in Training team does not meet in November or December because we do not do any winter events.  We starting meeting again in January when training for spring events starts.  My friend and teammate, Wendy, and I met up Saturday morning at our usually team meeting spot for a long run on the trail.  I have the Disney Wine and Dine Half next weekend, so I need to get one last long run in.  I was so thankful to Wendy for meeting me.

Our run started out like usual, except we could see some storm damage to our trail from hurricane Sandy.  It was nothing much, but we could see how parts of the trail were previously flood and the trail was now leaf covered.  We were about one mile into the run when all the sudden I was on the ground!  It felt surreal at first.  Wendy and I were just running along, chatting about an upcoming team event and--bang!  I was laying face down on the ground.  I slipped on a black walnut and went down fast.

That goes for running too!
Boy did that hurt!  I twisted my ankle, busted up my knee, scratch both hands and landed really, really hard on my right elbow/shoulder.  It really knocked the wind out of me.  I sat on the ground for a minute, then Wendy talked me into trying to walk.  I stood up and stretched a bit.  I felt ok enough to walk, so we went on our way.  We walked about half a mile, than run the rest of our planned route.

The remainder of our ran was not easy, but I am really glad I finished the planned miles.  It may have helped to keep me loosened up.  I am so thankful that I was not out there alone.  Had I been, I am sure I would have lost it, started to cry and limped back to my car.  Had I been hurt worse, I am so glad I had a buddy there to help me out.

I am still pretty sore today.  My hands and knee are really scraped up and my elbow/shoulder hurts worse today than it did yesterday.  But I am tough!  I will be ok.  My biggest concern was being ok for my Disney World trip in a few days and the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  I think I will heal just fine.

Have you ever hurt yourself during a run?

A dream is a wish...



  1. Hope you are better soon and good luck with the half!

  2. Ouch, hope you heal up quickly. Have fun at Wine and Dine! I hope to do it someday!

  3. Glad you weren't hurt any worse, hope your scrapes and bruises heal soon.

  4. I fall ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I have the knees of a four-year-old (in that they are perpetually scraped). I just can't pick my feet up enough to navigate the uneven sidewalk near my house.

    Good for you for picking yourself back up again - I know it definitely can be hard!

  5. You'll be good for Disney. I fell the Saturday before AC, and I mean the day before, down my front steps (carrying a cat carrier with a cat in it). Nailed my butt and upper legs hard on the step. I had a nice rug burn type injury on my right back thigh and two nice scrapes on my right ankle (above and below the outer bone). It wasn't pleasant, but I did it. With a week to heal, you'll do great!

  6. Wow! I'm so glad you had a friend out there with you. I hope you feel better soon and good luck on the Wine and Dine!

  7. Oh my goodness, so glad your friend was there to help you! Glad you are okay-ish let's hope that it is just soreness and that it fades quickly! Blessings!

  8. What TNT chapter are you with? Do they have Spring events?

  9. Good job getting through the race! That happened to me right before my first Disneyland Half Marathon...

    See you this weekend at Wine and Dine!