Sunday, January 13, 2013

Trail Run #2--FAIL

Today I meet with my Turtle Runners team again.  We are an eclectic group of slower runners, mostly Team in Training members.  We get together on Sundays to run and enjoy each other's company.  Today we meet at Pinchot Park for a trail run--a real trail run. We ran this same trail about a month ago, but this time it was very different.

It has been a very snowy and rainy winter so far here in Central Pennsylvania.  We have had a warm January, so all the snow has melted.  To say the trail was muddy is a total understatement!  It started out not so bad, but as we got farther and farther into the woods, it got more muddy and more muddy.  There were times when we were ankle deep in mud.  This lasted for quarter+ miles at a time.

To call this a trail "run" would be an exaggeration as there was very little running involved for me.  Between the roots, rocks and all the mud, I could run very little.  Since I am heading to California for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in three days, I was not going to risk getting injured.  As clumsy as I am, this meant taking it very, very slow.

While we were on the run, the runners had a blast!  I did not love it so much.  It was funny hearing them chat and plan mud runs coming to our area this year.  They joked with me about this run being nothing compared to a Dirty Girl/Tough Mudder type race.  If one good thing came out of this run, its that I now know for sure I will never do one of those mud runs!

Have you done a mud run?  What did you think of it?

A dream is a wish...



  1. Mud runs are so much fun! Last summer I did Warrior Dash and a small local mud run. I loved them. This year I'm already registered for Warrior Dash and I plan on doing Dirty Girl, The Biggest Loser mud run, The Spartan and Tough Mudder. After my winter and spring races, I am looking foward to a summer of playing in the mud :) Try it, you might like it! Hugs Anna-Marie

    1. Haha Anna-Marie--I don't think they will ever be for me. I did the color run this past summer and that was to messy for me.

  2. I'm doing the Dirty Girl mud run next month and I can't wait! There's a whole group of girls doing it together and we're going to dress in tutus and have a blast getting muddy for a good cause.

    1. Love it! You girls are crazy! I can't wait to read all about it.