Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yoga for Runners

I have been going to Yoga at my gym for about two months now.  I feel like it a good balance to running.  I still can't believe how tough it is!  I can only make one class a week, but when I wake up the next day boy can I feel it....I love that feeling! 

I was so excited when my January issue of Runners World came.  As I flipped through it, there it was--an article about why Yoga is great for runners.  The article told runners that Yoga is great for strength training and flexibility.  The article listed some tips for runners who are new to Yoga. Take it slow!  Just as in running, don't expect to be a pro your first time out.  Take it slow--don't push yourself to avoid your risk of injury.  Try out different styles of Yoga and different instructors to see which is right for you.  

My Yoga class yesterday was tough.  I think the hardest part for me is how tired my wrists gets from holding Downward Dog.  The instructor took that pose a little farther by transitioning into something called Wild Thing.  Basically, you starting in Down Dog, lift one leg and let it fall over the other, landing with your tummy toward the sky, like a one armed bridge.  I was to scared to try it during class--I was not sure I could catch myself on my other leg.  I tried it when I got home--a place I would not be embarrassed if I fell.  I did it!  I could do the move just fine.  Next week when we do it in class I will do it with everyone else.  I still love Pigeon pose the best, and do it after each run!  The stretch feels soooo good on my tight hips.  

Do you do Yoga to complement your running?  Do you think it helps?

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  1. I started doing yoga DVD's last year, but only sporadically. However, I am making more of an effort this year, as I have very tight hamstrings and issues with my IT bands. I am hoping that Yoga, along with foam rolling, will help me with those problem areas.

  2. Like I told you on twitter yesterday I love yoga! My gym offers a yogalates class which is a cross between yoga and pilates. I hate most core workouts so it's nice when the instructor sneaks in bicycles and other ab work. I really want to start taking more traditional yoga classes soon.

  3. I tried to leave a comment and it disappeared! I think? Anyway, yoga and running has been a winning combination for me. Pigeon is my favorite too! And your wrists will get stronger. I sometimes take a break and balance on my elbows. I will be running the Princess Half Marathon this month as well! Best of luck to you!