Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hershey 10k 2013

I had planned to post this last Monday, but in light of what happened in Boston, I decided to wait a while to post it.  On Sunday April 14th I ran the second annual Hershey 10k.  I did the first one last year, so I guess that makes this a legacy event for me.  Not only was this a great race, but I got to do it with my Team in Training teammates, so it was a great race!

My pre race preparation for this race was very different for most races.  My daughter and I had the stomach flu the day before the Hershey 10k!  All day before, and all night--up till the time I left for the race I considered not doing it.  I was not actively sick anymore, but I still did not feel well and I knew I was dehydrated.  I did not want to miss out on the event or cheering on my teammates--so I decided to go.  I went into it promising myself I would not push myself too hard--just to do what I could.

My running buddy Lish and I got to the event early, got our packets and went to the Team tent to meet up with our teammates.  The Hershey characters were there for a meet and greet exclusively for TNT members at first.  The start of the race was sort of awkward--it was hard to even find the start line.  It was not well marked, and the race started in the opposite direction as last year.  That was not the only thing they changed course wise!

I enjoyed the race last year--but my only complaint was that we spent very, very little in Hershey Park.  The course change this year ensured a lot more time in the park.  Like all of Central Pennsylvania, this course was very hilly.  The race started out in front of Hershey Park Stadium.  We ran out the parking lot, around Giant Stadium, then out Hershey Park Drive.  Next we ran behind the Hershey outlets and into the park!  We ran through the Hershey Boardwalk, then past the new roller coasters, through most of the park, and then back to Hershey Park Stadium for the finish!

At the finish I got my finisher medal, some water and a snack bag--complete with Hershey's chocolate. I felt okay for most of the race, although I could feel I was dehydrated.  I did not drink anything until the first water stop at mile two, but then I drank two cups of Gatorade and a cup of water.  This was a big mistake!
All the water sloshing around in my tummy did not make it feel all that great.  This meant it was time to slow down!  By this time, the TNT walking team caught up with me.  Usually, this would be an insulting--walkers had passed me...--not with the TNT walking team.  They typically walk 12-13 minute miles.  The walking coach is very inspiring, so I decided to hang with them for the next few miles--all the way though the park.  Less bouncing helped my tummy.  By the last mile, I started to run hard again for a strong finish.  I finished four minutes slower than last year--not bad considering how awful I felt the night before the race!

I would like to thank the Hershey folks for putting on a great event.  They took the not so great parts of the race from last year and made it a better race. The Hershey 10k is a

great event that I can't wait to do again!

A dream is a wish...


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  1. Hey Amy, I live in Hummelstown and I have run the Hershey 10k both years and plan to run the Princess in 2014 as well. Jenn Osborne