Monday, April 29, 2013

Nike Women's Half Marathon DC Expotique

Nike always has the best expo, or Expotique as they call it.  The Expotique at the inaugural Nike Women's
Half Marathon in DC stood up to that standard!

I was lucky enough to hit DC Friday morning this some friends.  It is about a two hour drive for us.  We put our kiddos on the school bus and we hit the road!  We got to DC around 11 am, check into our hotel and hopped the metro to Georgetown.  After a 10 minute walk, there it was--the Nike Expotique.  First stop was the packet pickup line.  Actually, there was no line.  We walked right up got our packets.  I was a bit disappointing that the bag check bag was plastic, unlike at the Nike San Francisco Expotique where we got nice drawstring back packs--but the rest of the goody bag was very nice!  We got our bib, lots of coupons, some Paul Mitchell shampoo, Bare Escentials samples and an elastic bracelet that said "We Run DC".  We also got this cool little credit card thing to swipe at the Expotique with the chance to win some Nike prizes.

Next stop--the Expotique!  Since I had an amazing experience at the Nike Expotique in San Francisco, I was worried the DC Expotique could not live up to it.  I wanted my friends to experience as good as an event as I did.  I think Nike lived up to my high standards!  What makes the Nike Expotique different than other expos is there is nothing for sale.  Everything is free for runners to enjoy!  It's a nice thank you for the runners, and a great way to relax before the big event.

When we entered the Expotique tent, the first stands we came upon were the Team in Training booth, and the booth of a local massage agency.  They were giving runners quick massages.  I turned the corner and saw the booth I was waiting for-the bareMinerals makeovers!  I am a big fan of the brand, so I was so excited when they announced they were a race sponsor.  bareMinerals was giving free 5 minute makeovers. It was so much
After our makeovers!
fun!  After my makeover, I had the opportunity to tweet a message about my experience and receive a free, full size product.  I got a mascara.  So cool!

Up next was the Paul Mitchell stand.  They were giving free hair up-do's.  I did not participate in this one, but a few of my friends did.  They looked so cute--and ready for the prom when they were done.  Paul Mitchell was giving out dry shampoo spray.  I love the stuff, so I was so happy to snag one.

After makeovers, we checked out the Nike fashion area.  There were so many fun clothes and shoes to try on.  Next, we tried our luck to see if our
My name on the wall!
swipe cards would win us anything.  Sadly, none of us won.  After refueling with a Luna Bar and some Nuun, we were done with the Expotique.  Next, it was time to shop!  We made the short walk to the Niketown to check out the Nike Women's Half Marathon race merchandise.  They had lots of cute stuff this year.  A friend even snagged the exclusive Tiffany blue shoes!

I was so happy that Nike did a great job with the DC Expotique.  My friends and I loved it.  Nike really does through the best expos in the business!
The Tiffany shoes!

A dream is a wish...



  1. Sounds like a blast!! I didn't know there were expos where everything is free like that...neat idea!

  2. Say the word free, and I am there! Haha
    Looks like great time, its now on my bucket list!

  3. Ohh love the Tiffany shoe :) So glad you had a good time at the expo. I am really hoping to be lucky enough to get into the race next year!

  4. I really want to do this race next year. I happened to be in DC over the weekend on vacation and cannot tell you how jealous I was of all the runners and awesome schwag I saw. The running clothes Nike made for the race were just awesome - so many cute jackets and shirts. I was curious about where the expo was - so appreciate this post. Answers some of my questions!