Monday, April 22, 2013

Runners for Boston

This evening I attending our local "Runners for Boston" event at 6:30 PM.  This event was held locally at our running store--Flying Feet in York, PA.  The event was also held all over the county.  It was set up for runners to show solidarity with each other, but also to raise money for One Fund Boston.

The York PA event was very moving.  I met several friends there--all from my Team in Training team.  Everyone who donated $20 or more got a shirt.  The owner of Flying Feet gave a little speech at the beginning.  He got chocked up when he was speaking about the victims.  He said " I have an eight year old grandson..."  I could hear him holding back the tears.  Half of the crowd was tearing up.  It was a very moving experience.

We had three local runners in the crowd who were at the Boston Marathon last weekend.  On the course, I
got to interview one of them.  He was telling me he finished the race about 15 minutes before the bombs went off.  He also told me he will be going back to Boston for sure next year.

After a quick speech and a ready, set, go--we were off.  This was not a real race.  The store owners was joking about not having the permits.  No official start or finish line.  No bibs.  Runners did not get competitive on the 2 mile out and back course.  Some people ran the course two or three times.  It was so nice to just be out there together--supporting other runners.

I would like to that Susquehanna Printing for donating the shirts!   I would also like to thank Flying Feet for getting this event
together with such short notice, and for the yummy snacks at the finish.  We runners are a strong, tough, supportive group.  The best part of the evening was who I spent it with.  I hate the reason we were there, but I am so proud to be part of such a wonderful community of people.

A dream is a wish...


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  1. Sounds like a great event! The shirts are really neat, too. I missed my area's run because I was out of town.