Sunday, June 23, 2013

Baltimore Women's Classic 2013

This morning I ran my third Baltimore Women's Classic. This is my favorite local race of the year.  This year, it was extra special.  My parents came to cheer my sister and I on at the finish line!
My Sister Sam, me and Jackie

Like most races, the day started very, very early.  I met my running buddy Jackie at the local McDonald's for Egg Muffins and Iced coffees before the hour drive down in to Baltimore.  We parked at Camden Yards and walked that halfish mile to Rash Field--to race village and packet pickup.  Race village is always pumping when everyone arrives.  There are local TV celebs, pumped up music, vendors, food--so much fun!

My friend Jackie and I met my sister and her fiance and we all got out packets.  Like always, the BWC has the best goody bags.  I love this shirts this year!  Light blue with hot pink print.  So cute!  We took a quick trip to the porta potties and
This years goody bag and shirt! 
headed to the start.  The start was strange this year...because there really was not one.   All of the sudden the people in front of me were running, so we were off..

So now to my sob story...on Friday, I had to have a root canal gone bad removed.  It was drilled out down to the bone, gums filleted...ugg, I won't give you all the dirty details...but I am in so much pain!  I stopped the pain meds Saturday night so I was safe for the drive into the city and during the race.  Going into the race, I did not put any pressure or exceptions on myself.  Since this is my favorite local race, I just wanted to have fun and spend some time with my friends. I wore my Nike watch, but did not push myself really hard.  I crossed the finish line and looked at the clock.  It had just hit 38 minutes.  My official result was 37:28--a new PR!  

Sam, momma and me
The start time was humid and warm, but overall the weather was perfect.  The first half mile of the race is flat and fast, but then there is about a quarter mile up hill.  That is the toughest part of the race!  The next mile or so through the city if fairly flat.  The last half mile of the race is by far my favorite--along the beautiful Baltimore Inner Harbor.  The finish line and race village are right on the water.  It's the perfect way to finish a
race.  The BWC knows how to treat finishers--after crossing the finish line, runners are handed a bottle of water, then an ice cold BWC logo towel, a rose and a extra special treat.  New this year--all finishers got a medal!

Today, I realized I have so many people in my life who support me and my running.  This was the first race my parents were at.  I had so many running friends to meet up with, I simply could not get to meet up with all of them!  Today I got to catch up with some friends I talk to alot, but only see at races--Jackie, Christina, Jenn, DeAnn, Rebecca...It was so good to catch up with your girls!  I am so thankful to have my friends and my family at the finish line to celebrate with.

What is your favorite race of the year?  Why?

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  1. I used to live not too far from Baltimore and the Inner Harbor is simply gorgeous.

    I feel for you on the dental stuff... but congratulations! It all seems to have worked out just fine :)

  2. I absolutely LOVED this race!! My recap is up to. My first time but I'll definitely be back :)

  3. I'm glad you had a good time! I had a great race too. I just love the supportive atmosphere of all the women there. Baltimore is often overlooked but I think it's a pretty beautiful city :)

  4. Congratulations on a new PR! What a special race and a special day to have such a fast time!