Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...

Early in the summer, my Aunt was diagnosed with cancer.  She had surgery and is doing well, but she has to
My before pic! 
get chemo.  When she was first diagnosed, I told her that if she loses her hair, I would cut mine off and
donate to.  Last week, her hair started to fall out.  So today, I got my hair cut off!

Before today, I had very long, very very thick hair.  I loved my hair.  But, because my dedication to cancer patients does not end with fundraising, I was happy to give up my hair to kids in need.  I took my daughter to preschool and headed to the salon.  My mom and my sister met me there for moral support.  After no time, I had two long pony tails in my hands, all ready to donate.  

My after pic1 
It was scary, but I really feel like it was worth it.  

A dream is a wish...



  1. wow you cut off a lot of hair, and for a great cause. I bet that feels so much lighter on your head too. Hope you Aunt is doing good.