Thursday, August 22, 2013

runDisney Packing List

It's a week before I leave for the runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon and I am almost finished packing!  I'm really excited, if you can't tell.  I wanted to share with you my runDisney race weekend packing list.  It can be easy to forget something important, so I use a list to be sure I have all the essentials.

Must haves for a great runDisney weekend:

Race day costume:

  • SparkleSkirt, tutu, running skirt, capris or shorts
  • cool, comfortable (cute!) top 
  • comfortable, tested and worn in shoes (not new!)
  • wicking socks
  • throw always clothes to keep you warm at the start line (trash bags work too!)
  • sunscreen 
  • body glide
  • sports bra and panties
  • race day fuel ( I like Honey Stinger Waffles)
  • inhaler
  • headbands! (I love Sparkly Soul!)
  • extra hair bands
  • a running belt 
  • Galloway timer
  • Nike+ Sports Watch
  • race day breakfast (Balance Bar for me)
  • water bottle
  • phone or camera to take all those character pics
  • tissues 

For enjoying the parks after the race:

  • compression socks
  • comfy shoes ( I like Nike slide sandals) 
  • Rock Tape
  • Don't forget to proudly sport your race shirt and hard earned medal

Other things to pack for an enjoyable race weekend:

  • toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, deoderant, ect)
  • small makeup bag with essentials
  • comfy park walking shoes--not your race day running shoes
  • dry shampoo 
  • chargers for you phone, watch ect
  • shirts from past runDisney events
  • swim suit for your rest day at the resort or hitting the hot tub

Did I miss anything?  What are your must haves for race weekend?

A dream is a wish...



  1. I hope you have a fantastic trip/race!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. OhMyGosh, you're going to have such a good time!! Good Luck!!

    You are required to take a TON of pictures!!

  3. Have a magical race! I have to say that I LOVE the Honey Stinger Waffles. They've been my go-to for energy and fending off hunger during past races.

    The only thing I'd add to this list, at least for me and my sensitive eyes, is sunglasses or a visor. It may be dark when the race starts, but the sun will be up by the time it's done!

  4. Great list...I love how you bring your race shirts from previous runDisney races. I may have to add some to my packing list now. See you at DL!