Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pre-race Breakfast

As I put the finishing touches on my packing for the Disneyland Half marathon ? Dumbo Double Dare this weekend, one thing I am still undecided on--my pre-race breakfasts.  Typically, I pack my race day breakfast and take it with me.  I find this to work best for me.  You never know if your destination will have what you typically eat, so taking it along is a good idea.  My dilemma--what to pack?  I did a little pole on my Facebook page, asking typical prerace breakfasts and here is some of what I heard:

  • Bagel
  • Banana
  • Instant oatmeal 
  • Meal bars--such as Luna Bar, Balance Bar, Power Bar, Clif Bar
  • Waffle with peanut butter
  • Cereal with milk
  • GU
  • Chews
I have tried some of these on race mornings.  My tummy tolerates all of them well.  I think the oatmeal and the bars will be the easiest to pack and store, so that is what I am taking with me.   

A useful pre-race breakfast tip is to avoid to much fiber, fat or protein.  These can be hard for your
stomach to digest.  A good rule of thumb is the 3-1 rule.  For every three calories of carbs you eat race morning, eat one calorie of protein.  Also, avoid eating anything new on race morning!  Make sure you try out your race day breakfast before a training run to make sure you tummy likes it.  And make sure to drink plenty of water.

What is your go to race day breakfast?

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