Friday, August 12, 2011

Heel Blisters: Solved

I have been getting the worst blisters on the inside heels of my feet.  It seemed to be getting worse with each run.  The longer the run, the worse the blister.  I tried some new wicking socks, but they did not help.  I even got new shoes, but was having the same problem.
I could feel my feet moving in my shoes as I was running.  I needed to do something to fix this!  At Dick’s Sporting Goods this past weekend, I found a really cool pair of socks just sitting on top of a rack.  They were black Under Armour Grippy II for women.  What is so different about these socks is that they have little grippies on the bottom to keep your foot from moving—think footie pajamas.   I loved the socks instantly and had to find more of them!  I searched the store and then found an associate to help me.  There was not another pair of theses socks in the whole store.  Black socks are not really my thing, but they looked like just the thing to help me, so I got them anyway. 
Before I left the store, I also stopped by the shoe section and picked up some Body Glide.  The makers of Body Glide promise it will prevent chaffing, so I decided to give it a try.  I also picked up some Sport Beans, review to come later.
Tuesday was a fast run day for me, so I knew that was the day to try out my new stuff and see if it works.  I am happy to say, the combo worked great!  I love the socks!  They fit perfectly and the grippies kept my feet in place while I ran.  My only complaint about the socks is that they only come in black!  Once I found that they worked so well for me, I checked out the Under Armour site, and they are only offered in black.  The good thing is that the socks are the no show, low cute type, so you can’t really see them in my shoes anyway.  The Body Glide went on really easily.  It was not sticky and did not feel wet.  I am so glad I found this combo and even more happy that I don’t have to deal with heel blisters anymore! 
A dream is a wish…


  1. I have been using body glide for probably about 6+ years and I always use it when I have any long runs. Although I've been sweating enough out here in FL I haven't been worried about chaffing too much. Still, I am a complete supported of body glide and I'm so happy you can find it in more places now because before I could only find it at Triathlons which meant I loaded up a few times a year.

  2. I have blisters on my feet now as I was reading your post :(!
    But these look like a great product. Glad you posted about them :D