Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet ups?

Ok ladies…we are about a month and a week from the Disney Princess Half Marathon!  As any Disney regular knows, it time to finalize your ADR’s (advanced dining reservations.)  If you are not a Disney regular, I will fill you in on something very important—if you plan to eat at the sit down restaurants or character meals of your choice, at the times you would like, you must make reservations 180 days in advance.  I have mine all planned out.  Do you? (If you need any help with this, please facebook me!  I am a fountain of Disney knowledge!)
Since it’s almost reservation time, I wanted to ask you all—would you be interested in getting together for dinner while we are in Disney?  We could do it the evening before the race or race day after the race.  I am up for anything!  What do you think?  Any ideas of a place to meet up?  My favorite place and the place I plan to hit for dinner the night before the race is ‘Ohana.  Cost does not really matter to me, as we will be on the dining plan. Is price a concern for anyone? We could also meet for lunch the day before.  I was thinking about Wolfgang Puck’s Express in Downtown Disney.  That way, we don’t need a reservation, and it’s one of the cheaper places to eat. 
I can’t wait to meet everyone in person!  I have learned so much from you already, I can’t wait to see where the next six months brings us all.  E-mail me or comment below with your idea! 
A drea is a wish...
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  1. I'm running the Wine and Dine, so I won't be seeing y'all. I do have a question about sweeping during the race. I have been training at a 15 minute mile, and I am definitely using every second of that time. My 11 miles this past week was hard and I came in under just 16 minutes per mile. Will they really sweep people off the course? Do you have a sense of where on the course and at what point they start doing it? I am petrified of being swept.

  2. Yes, they really will sweep people off the course. Remember that the 16 mm starts when the last person crosses the starting line. My advise would be to get as close to the front of your corral to give yourself as big of a time cushion as possible between you and the last person to start. Also, there are pacers walking along at the sweep line with balloons. Stay in front of them and you are safe! They give you a warning when they pass you. If you are not in front of them at the next mile marker, you could be swept. It sounds like you are very well prepared. Remember race day will pump you up and give you more energy. Good luck! Please let me know how it goes!

  3. Thanks!!! With balloons, eh? Knowing that I can see them and they are going to warn me makes me feel better. I can keep moving!!!! :)

  4. A meet up would be fun. I'm open for any place and time. Also just out of curiosity, is anyone wearing a tutu or a costume of any type for the race? I am debating on a tutu, but I can't make up my mind.

  5. Amy--Do you mean 6 months and a week? You have it written as a month and a week. I started to freak out. :)

  6. Kim--yes I mean 6 months! Sorry for causing a freak out!

    Julie--alot of people will be wearing costumes and Tutus! I am not sure what I am going to wear yet. I am thinking about getting a Sparkle Shirt. I will be for sure dressing up!

    See everyone there!

  7. I'm game for a meet up! It would be great to meet up with everyone in person!