Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Great training run

I had a great run last night!  I am so tired of the treadmill, and since it has been so nice outside—I hit the sidewalks.  It had been so long since I ran in my neighborhood; I had forgotten how much I enjoy it.  I put my kiddos to bed, laced up my shoes and headed outside around 9:30.  I did a 2.8 mile run in about 36 minutes.  This is a bit slower than my treadmill pace, but my neighborhood is very, very hilly.  I like the hills.  They really work my legs and my lungs.  The crisp fall air felt great.  I love running in the cool air.  I plan to take a lot more of my training runs outside.
There are some very interesting things to be scene while running outside.  I once saw a very old man on one of those old time bikes—the ones with the huge wheel in front and a little tiny wheel in the back. I wish I would have thought to snap a picture. While that was the most interesting thing I saw while running, last night I learned some strange things about my neighbors.  First, I was unaware that mid-October is the perfect time to put up Christmas decorations.  Yes, at 10 PM on a Tuesday night, I saw a neighbor climbing a ladder to a two story foyer, put up two white, fuzzy snowmen in the window.  Toward the end of my run, I saw the owners of a local Chinese restaurant pull into a driveway.  I did not know they live in my neighborhood.  I love their food. 
Big announcement:  Thanks to my in-laws, we are going back to Disney World in December!!!  As our Christmas gift, my in-laws are flying us down to Orlando and letting us stay with them at their timeshare from December 1 to 4.  We will get to see the Candlelight Processional, go to Mickey’s Christmas Party and see the Osborne lights in Hollywood Studios.  As much as we loved our recent trip to the World, it did not have the same magic the Christmas season at Walt Disney World does.  Since we all felt this way, my in-laws are making it possible for us to still experience the magic of a Disney Christmas.  This means more Disney training runs!  I get to run the Boardwalk resort loop again before the Princess Half.  I plan to do some more research and find some other great places at WDW to run. 
So, what are some interesting things you have found while running?  
A dream is a wish…
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  1. I am having just the opposite experience - I can't stand the cold! I've lived on the East Coast my entire life, but I find the older I get the less I like it as the weather takes a dip. I'm worried the weather will de-rail me, having started Galloway in mid-July and sticking with it religiously, I do not what that to happen. What is everyone wearing to run so the cold doesn't get to them??

  2. Great run! How exciting that you guys get to make another trip to Disney and at Christmas no less. That's going to be so much fun!