Monday, October 31, 2011

Winter Running Clothes

As you may know, it is starting to get cold in the North East.  Here in south central PA where I am, we just got 8 inches of snow.  Running in the winter is new to me.  I started my journey to the Disney Princess Half Marathon last January, but ran on a treadmill at the gym until the weather got warmer.  I have no experience with running in very cold temperatures. 
Over the past few weeks, I have been running around my neighborhood as the temperatures fall at night.  I have been wearing mostly C9 clothes from Target—yoga pants, a tech t-shirt and a running jacket.  This has suited me well for the above 40 degree temperatures, but it will not due for lower temperatures.  I am ready to invest is some good running clothes for my cold winter runs.  It is still 16 weeks until I leave for the princess half.  With a lot of training runs ahead of me, I need to be prepared for some cold weather. 
What do you wear when you run in the cold?  I really need suggestions! 
A dream is a wish…


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing people's responses to this! I'm having the same dilemma!

  2. Hi Amy,

    I love to run in the cold! I wear Under Armour Cold Weather gear- tights and long sleeve shirt. Over that I may wear a 2nd short sleeve shirt but always a shell jacket. At times I have taken both off as I run. Over the tights I may wear sweatpants (nylon/cotton mix I think) if it's really windy or rainy (I am looking into something all nylon). On my feet I go with merino wool running socks. On my hands I wear a thin fingered glove and then a mitten that has a nylon shell for the fingers that I can also pull off. Over my ears I wear a headband and a balaclava over my whole head. I wear my usual running hat as well, but that's more for reflectivity as I run at night during the week. If you need any links for stuff to get a better idea, let me know! Enjoy running outside!!

  3. Also, once you get going, you will get warmer, so just fight past that initial coldness!! There's something I find refreshing about breathing in the cold air!

  4. Well, since I run about 30 minutes north of you, this is what I do in cold weather. :-)

    Under 30 degrees, I generally wear a running/tech hat and gloves. I also have a running/tech headband, but only wear that when I'm not using my headphones. I wear one pair of socks. I wear long running pants with nothing under them (undies, but no compression pants or anything like that). Long sleeve shirt with a running jacket over it. Since earbuds do not fit my ears, I have big ole behind the head headphones that act like earmuffs.

    Over 30 degrees (like yesterday 11/5/11): I wore gloves, no hat. One pair of socks and long running pants. I had a running short-sleeve shirt under a fleece running jacket. My headphones.

    I will admit, after running two years in cold weather, I'm starting to wear less clothing when I go out for a run. My first winter I would wear a t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, and a jacket. You'll have to play with your clothes and see what works.

    And for Princess, it was chilly when the sun wasn't up. I decided to dress for the sun rise and only wore a short-sleeve shirt. I was cold while waiting for the race to start, but once I was moving and after the sun came up, I was glad for the short sleeves.

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