Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It’s time!

Ok ladies!  It’s here—time for our official training to begin!    Where my princesses at?
Jeff Galloway has given us a great plan to get us all ready to finish the Disney Princess Half Marathon on February 26, 2012.  I really love the plan.  To me, the beauty of the Galloway plan is the walk breaks.  I feel like I can give my runs so much more knowing that I have a walk break just around the corner.  I have been doing Galloway training (the Ultimate 10k iPhone app) for a while know.  Galloway reasons that we use different muscles when we walk than when we run, so the walk breaks keep our muscles from reaching fatigue.  Walking also helps to keep our breathing in check. 
The key to the Galloway plan is the long run.  These long runs condition our bodies and minds to go long distances.  The long runs build our endurance for race day.  Galloway also plans for us to do two, 30 minute maintenance runs to sustain our conditioning.  That’s it—three runs a week!  The plan includes what runs to do on what dates. Who is ready to start? 
I plan to follow the plan as religiously as possible.  I may move a Saturday run to Sunday sometimes if I have other plans.  I also have a few races planned in the next few months.  These runs should fit nicely in my official training plan. 
I have had great success with the Galloway 5k and 10k plans.  I look forward to following this half marathon plan.  Are you following the plan?  What do you like about it?  Dislike about it? 
A dream is a wish…


  1. I'm with you. Can't wait to start the 30 minute run tonight.

  2. I just started using Galloway and love it. Can't wait to see how your program goes.

  3. Once this first half of mine is done, I fully intend on using the Galloway training plan for Disney! I love his run/walk method. It's perfect for me.

  4. Impressive you're starting your training so early! I didn't start Princess training for 2011 until the first week in December. :-)

    Using Galloway for Philly on Nov. 20th. Going well, I must say. Though I haven't been so fabulous about getting in all the weekday runs. I seem to get one a week in. Oops! This Saturday is 11 miles. Eep!

  5. I am using the Galloway plan to train for Princess as well. I have done day one. Is it weird that I am actually looking forward to the long runs? :)

  6. I signed up for the Disney Princess Half this summer, and realized I was so far out that I might lose momentum if I didn't have a goal right away. I selected a race (Philly 1/2) to train for - Galloway style - in November. I LOVE this system, sometimes I don't feel like a "real" runner, but then I remind myself I am sticking to the plan and steadily increasing miles which I could never do by strictly running alone!

  7. Hi there! I just found your blog, my cousin pointed me to it, and I'm a 2012 princess!! I'm not following the Galloway plan, but I planned my own training plan based on his and a few others that I had read. I look forward to comparing notes during training!!