Sunday, October 30, 2011

I am not eating Halloween candy; I am refueling my glycogen stores.

LOL, this was a tweet from a friend a few days ago.  While it may be a good excuse to eat candy, it will not help my running goals.  I have devised a plan to try to stick to healthy eating habits over the extended Halloween weekend. 

·         Keep healthy, yet tasty food on hand.  I got some whole wheat bread and rotisserie chicken for sandwiches.  I got apples, carrots and light veggie dip.  I also have lots of chocolaty Shakeology on hand. 

·         Allow myself a few treats here and there.  My favorite candy is Milky Way.  I got just a few fun size bars from the bulk food section of my local grocery store.  Any more than that would be to much temptation.

·         Buy only candy that is not a trigger food for me. Since I am a chocaholic, I can deal with other candy in the house, but not chocolate.  To avoid over eating, I got a Willy Wonka assortment bag to hand out to trick or treaters (nerds, laughy taffy, bottle caps, sweet tarts).  I do not discriminate when it comes to candy, but these are less of a trigger food for me than chocolate.

·         Buy candy the day before it is needed and not a second before.  Trick or Treat in my neighborhood was Saturday night, so I waited till Friday afternoon to buy candy.  I did not open the bag until just before it was trick or treat time.

·         Drink lots of water. Water keeps you full.

·         Stick to an eating schedule.  I eat every three hours, as to never be hungry.  I do not trust myself when I am hungry!  I will eat anything in site, including not so healthy Halloween treats. 

What do you do to stick to a healthy eating plan around food based holidays? 

A dream is a wish…

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