Wednesday, February 22, 2012

After Race Shoes

I have been thinking a lot today about what to where after the race.  I know I will be starving after my 13.1 are finished.  My plan is to finish the race, get my medal, take a ton of pictures, then change and go to the Akerhaus for breakfast with my husband and daughter. 

My post-race outfit is easy.  I am a total jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, so in my bag check bag, I will pack my Levi’s and my race shirt.  I will also through in there a deodorant, some wipes and a little makeup.  What I can’t decide on is after race shoes.  Usually after a run, I just go home.  Even after my two local 10 milers, I just drove home and showered.  I have a pair of Nike sandals with gel in the sole.  I think I am also going to toss them in my bag.  I will also through in an extra pair of socks in case I want to put my sneakers back on after breakfast.   After a wonderful breakfast with the Princesses, I plan to head back to my hotel, shower and hopefully take a nap.

What are your post-race plans?  What kind of shoes do you wear after running a half marathon?

A dream is a wish…


***Please find me on Facebook and twitter (click to the right).  I will update where I am all weekend.  I want to meet up with all of you while we are in WDW! 


  1. After Tinker Bell, I showered then changed into jeans and my shirt I raced in (it wasn't gross), then put another pair of sneakers on. My arches were already hurting so I couldn't imagine wearing sandals after the race!

    Enjoy! I wish I could be racing with you!

  2. I went back to the hotel to shower. Then it was capri pants, t-shirt, medal, and flip flops. The flip flops were the best part of the outfit!

  3. I have been thinking a lot about that too. My bag will be similar, except my hubs will be keeping it with him in the ChEAR squad area. I'll probably end up with compression socks and tennis shoes, but will toss in my Sanuk sandals too.

  4. I have no idea! I have been so busy with work and finishing out my training, packing and planning my families time at Disney. I have totally neglected my race plans. I don't even know where I am meeting my family post race! I need to get on that!!! Can't wait to meet you :)

  5. I have a pair of super supportive flip flops - they'll go right on when the race is over (yikes - didn't take time for that pedicure!!) After meeting my son and husband in the Race Retreat tent it'll be back to the timeshare to soak in the hot tub. Followed, of course, by our trip back to the Magic Kingdom with race shirt and medal!!